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Flaw found in new Apple USB security feature

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Apple’s iOS 11.4.1 update brought with it a new security feature that’s designed to keep law enforcement agencies from accessing your phone. But researchers have already found a way around it.

The feature disables USB access after the phone has been locked for an hour. But according to computer security firm ElcomSoft, the hour counter will be reset if you plug in a USB accessory before the hour expires. The accessory in question doesn’t even need to have been used with the phone before.

The bypass works with a variety of accessories, including Apple’s own Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter (though not Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor).

ElcomSoft is currently testing other adaptors.

So how does this help anyone wanting to crack an iPhone? All they would need to do is connect the phone to a compatible USB accessory as soon as possible. As long as they do so within the one-hour window, they’ll stop the security feature from kicking in.

Apple is expected to fix this bug soon. Look out for a software update, sharpish.

Source: ElcomSoft

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