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  5. Apple pulls iOS 12 beta after slow start-up times

Apple pulls iOS 12 beta after slow start-up times

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Apple has pulled the latest, work-in-progress version of iOS 12 after it emerged the software has been causing apps to load very slowly.

Developers testing the forthcoming version of Apple’s mobile operating system complained that it makes apps very slow to start up.

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The version that’s been recalled is iOS 12 Beta 7, with the build number 16A5354b. Meanwhile, Beta 6 is still available, and hasn’t caused the same issue. It has the build number 16A5345f.

Some of the issues with Beta 7 seem to resolve themselves after a while, according to some developers.

But it’s not the first problem with the beta – Apple recently dropped FaceTime’s support for 32-person calls from it recently.

Instead, that feature will debut after iOS 12 has already launched.

Of course, this is what betas are for, identifying and ironing out bugs so that us punters never have to see them. So in that respect, beta 7 is doing its job admirably.

Let’s just hope all is shipshape then iOS 12 launches next month.

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