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Faster wireless charging mooted for next iPhones


Apple’s next iPhones could have wireless charging that’s twice as fast as the current models, according to a report.

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were the first iPhones to support wireless charging. However, they were capped at 5W, though this increased to 7.5W with the launch of iOS 11.2.

The next iPhones could double that to 15W, according to a report from China.

This would be possible thanks to new components. Apple would replace the ferrite polymer composite charging coils with a more efficient copper wire.

There’s no word on whether this new superfast wireless charging would apply to all three new iPhones, or just the top model.

It could explain the delay to Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat. If Apple does use a new charging standard, it would have had to rejig the AirPower’s innards to make sure it’s compatible with the new phones.

The AirPower was announced last September but is yet to see the light of day.

The new iPhones are expected to be announced in about three weeks. Not long now…


China Times

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