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iPhone X 2018 rumoured to support Apple Pencil

Aping the Galaxy Note 9?

Apple could be taking a note out of Samsung’s book and making the next iPhone X compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus, rumours suggest.

According to industry insiders cited by Taiwanese site Economic Daily News, the Apple Pencil will only be compatible with OLED screens.

That's mean it'll work solely with the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, rather than the supposedly cheaper iPhone 9.

What's this year's cheaper iPhone got to offer? We take a look at what we know so far.

If the report is on the money, this would presumably involve Apple launching a new, more compact version of Apple Pencil, as the iPad-compatible model is a little big to use with a smartphone.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs famously decried the stylus way back when.

At the iPhone launch back in 2007, he mockingly asked: “Who wants a stylus?”

As if that wasn’t rhetorical enough, he added: “Nobody wants a stylus.”

This was a dig at the likes of Microsoft, whose business-targeted PDAs often came with styluses.

Samsung’s S Pen, which is a staple of the Note range, is the highest-profile consumer stylus available.

The latest model has Bluetooth, meaning it can interact wirelessly with the Galaxy Note 9.

That means it can act as the camera shutter, or to control music playing on the phone.


Economic Daily News

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