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  5. Apple has bought music recognition app Shazam

Apple has bought music recognition app Shazam

Shazam iPhone hero

Apple Music could soon get a new music recognition feature. That’s because Apple has finally completed its takeover of music-recognising service Shazam, in a deal that was first announced last December.

Shazam launched over a decade ago, initially as a text service. Users would call a number and hold their phone to a song that was playing. They would then receive a text message telling them the song name and artist.

It’s since evolved into an app with more features.

The terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed, but Apple is believed to have paid around £300 million.

Apple will make the service ad-free, and is likely to integrate it into a number its core offerings.

“Apple and Shazam have a long history together,” Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music, said in a statement. “Shazam was one of the first apps available on the App Store and has become a favourite app for music fans everywhere.

“With a shared love of music and innovation, we are thrilled to bring our teams together to provide users with even more great ways to discover, experience and enjoy music.”

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