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  5. BT Mobile announces pre-order prices for the iPhone Xs and Xs Max

BT Mobile announces pre-order prices for the iPhone Xs and Xs Max

iPhone XS and XS Max homescreen side by side hero

BT Mobile has revealed price plans for both the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max. And as usual, BT is giving a discount to its existing customers.

So, if you’ve already got BT broadband, you can get the iPhone Xs for £57 a month, plus £235 upfront. This’ll get you a monthly allowance of 1GB plus unlimited calls and texts. Those who don’t have BT broadband will have to pay £62 a month plus the same upfront cost for an identical package.

If you want a bigger screen to watch the latest movies, then the iPhone Xs Max is then be prepared to shell out an extra £5 a month for the 1GB monthly plan. So that’ll be £62 a month for BT customers and £67 a month for everyone else. You’ll also have to up your upfront fee to £295.

If you don’t have hundreds of pounds spare to plunk down as a deposit on a new phone (and let’s face it, most of us don’t), you can pay as little as £10 for XS and £15 for the XS Max.

Naturally, you’ll have a higher monthly tariff to pay off the remainder of the handset. So you could end up paying £81 a month for the Xs or £84 for the XS Max. But this will bag you 60GB of data.

Of course, 1GB a month won’t be enough for a lot of users. But luckily BT Mobile has got five other plans that range from 3GB of data to a whopping 60GB of data, along with unlimited minutes and calls on each plan.

If internal storage is important to you, you can opt for a 256GB handset or even a huge 512GB of storage.

Prices for the Xs 256GB handset starts at £67 a month with a £335 upfront fee, while the 512GB starts at £67 a month with a £450 upfront fee, with BT Customers getting an extra £5 off your monthly bill. For the Xs Max, it’s the same monthly price, but a £415 upfront fee for the 256GB model and £530 upfront cost for the 512GB handset.

As an additional incentive to customers of the 6GB plan or higher, BT is chucking in the BT Sports app to watch on your phone for no extra cost, so you can watch your favourite team on the go.

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