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iPhone XS: Apple CEO defends high prices

iPhone Xs unboxed with charger and headphones hero

Apple CEO Tim Cook has defended the high prices of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, telling U.S. media that producing such cutting-edge tech is a costly undertaking.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Tim Cook said, “...we found people want to have the most innovative product available,'s not cheap to do that."

Cook said that the iPhone had replaced the digital camera, music player and video camera, adding that the cost could be spread over a long-term contract.

The iPhone XS starts at £999 for a 64GB model, rising to £1,149 for a 256GB model and £1,349 for 512GB. The larger, 6.5–inch iPhone XS Max starts at £1,099 for 64GB, with a 256GB model costing £1,249 and a massive £1,449 for 512GB.

These are, however, available on alightly more affordable contracts from all the main networks and the likes of Sky, BT Mobile and Tesco Mobile.

The more affordable iPhone XR starts at £749 for a 64GB model. That device is not due out until 26th October, with pre–orders starting on 19th October.



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