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  5. The new iPhones can get you home even if the battery has died

The new iPhones can get you home even if the battery has died

Will still let you use certain features even if it can’t power on.
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A week after the official iPhone unveiling, we’re still learning more about the new devices. One new feature is called ‘Express card with power reserve’, and it could prove to be a lifesaver.

It makes sure that the device keeps back just enough battery power to use digital transit cards and student ID cards even when the phone has given up the ghost.

That means you’ll still be able to pay use public transport or get back onto your university campus whether you remembered to charge your phone up for not.

This feature should be active for around five hours after the phone has run out of battery. Which will no doubt give extra piece of mind to users who are becoming increasingly dependent on Apple Pay.

To get it to work, just press the side button on your powerless iPhone and it'll bring up text indicating Express Cards are available to use as well as the low battery icon.

It’ll let you know it’s worked with a little buzz (known as haptic feedback).

It’s not exclusive to the new iPhones either. It’s part of iOS 12, so should work on all iPhones going back to the 5S.IOS

It’s part of the low power mode feature, so won’t work if you shut the phone down yourself.

However, we can’t use it just yet on these shores.

As part of the new update, students at select universities will be able to add their student ID cards to their Apple Wallet. This means that they'll be able to gain access to their dorms and lecture buildings, as well as pay for food and laundry using their iPhones. And, like the express cards, they'll be able to use them even if the phone is out of battery.

The student ID cards feature is exclusive to the US for now, while the transit cards feature is only active in China and Japan. But look out for it in the UK soon.


Apple, via Apple Insider

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