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This iPhone keyboard trick makes texting easier

Newly discovered tip part of iOS 12.

Most iPhone users thought they’d got their heads around the latest iOS 12 software. But a newly discovered trick has sent social media into meltdown and promises to make texting on an iPhone much easier.

Food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis has found that by holding down the space bar in iMessage, you can move your thumb left, right, up or down and move the cursor.

It should mean an end to trying to having to drag the cursor to where you want, often leaving it in the wrong place.

Brierre-Davis wrote on Twitter: “How come you guys never told me about this iPhone trick? I feel duped.”

Since the revelation, other users have hailed the discovery, with one calling it ‘life-changing information’ and another likening the hack to ‘gliding your scissors across wrapping paper.’

In order to give it a go, your iPhone will need to be running iOS 12. To check whether it is, head into Settings, General and Software Update.


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