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You’ll soon be able to buy an iPhone from Amazon

iPhone XR in hand

Amazon will soon start selling iPhones and iPads directly, instead of relying on third-party resellers.

At the moment, Amazon’s selection of Apple products is very limited. The site doesn’t sell Apple products direct, which means buyers have to rely on third-party resellers through Amazon Marketplace. These products vary greatly in terms of price and quality.

With this new deal in place, only Apple-authorised resellers will be allowed to sell Apple and the Apple-owned Beats products through Amazon. Prices will also be more in line with Apple’s official pricing.

Amazon’s Apple line-up will include the newest devices like the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPad Pro. It will also include the Apple Watch Series 4 and Beats headphones.

The deal includes Amazon’s US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India sites.

“Amazon is constantly working to enhance the customer experience, and one of the ways we do this is by increasing selection of the products we know customers want,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement. “We look forward to expanding our assortment of Apple and Beats products globally.”

This points to improving relations between Apple and Amazon. Amazon yanked the Apple TV streaming device from sale back in 2015, at the same time as it pulled the Google Chromecast streaming device. It claimed this was to stop customers being confused as to which devices supported Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s own streaming service.

It reinstated the Apple TV last year, but still hasn’t brought back Google’s Chromecast devices.



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