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New iPhone could be slimmer thanks to new screen tech

iPhone XS Max memoji hero size

Apple’s 2019 iPhones look set to be slimmer than current models, thanks to new display tech from Samsung.

The latter’s OLED screens are already found in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. And now a new report from Korea claims that Apple will use special Y–OCTA tech made by Samsung.

Y–OCTA OLED screens combine the usually separate touchscreen with the actual display. This could help shave vital millimetres off of future iPhones. Apple’s smartphone has actually got noticeably thicker in recent years as the California company crams in ever more cutting edge functionality.

A further bonus for Apple is the cost of Samsung’s new tech. Word is Y–OCTA is much cheaper than current OLED panels. That could mean a higher margin for Apple and, potentially, lower prices for consumers.

Rumours about Apple’s 2019 iPhone are already starting to swirl. Analysts believe the trio of handsets will look virtually identical to the current lineup, with the top–end iPhone XS Max adding a triple-lens camera. 5G is not expected to be included, with Apple reportedly working on bringing lightning fast connectivity to its iPhones in 2020.


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