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Mortgages studies

Feature image with the title 'UK house price statistics 2023' and a picture of a house for sale

UK house price statistics 2023

Click here for the latest UK house price statistics for 2023, covering average UK house prices over time by region, property type and more.

Feature image showing a young couple standing outside a house with a sold sign. The title reads "UK first-time buyer statistics 2023" and the Uswitch logo is located in the bottom left hand corner of the image.

UK First-Time Buyer Statistics 2023

Click here for the latest first-time buyer statistics for 2023, including average first-time buyer statistics by age, region, property type, and more.

A feature image of a house alongside a pen and contract and the title 'UK Private Rental Statistics 2023'.

UK private rental statistics 2023

Click here for the latest private rental statistics for 2023, including the average cost of private rent in the UK, demographic breakdowns, and more.

Title 'Buy-to-let statistics 2023' with houses in the background and a to let sign in front of the house.

UK buy-to-let statistics 2023 Report - BTL Facts and Stats

We’ve collated the latest buy-to-let statistics for 2023, covering mortgage approvals, lending statistics, UK landlord demographics, properties, and more.

Feature image with the title: UK mortgage statistics, 2023 and background of someone holding a set of keys outside a house.

UK Mortgage Statistics 2023 - Mortgage Facts and Stats Report

We’ve collated the latest UK mortgage statistics and trends for 2023, covering mortgage approvals, transactions, arrears, interest rates, and more.

UK remortgage statistics 2023

UK Remortgage Statistics 2023 - UK Remortgaging Facts and Stats Report

The latest UK remortgage statistics for 2023, covering UK remortgage market figures, UK remortgage interest rate statistics, associated remortgage costs for 2023, and more.