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Free broadband is offered by many broadband providers as part of a package.

You can get broadband for free with a home phone or TV deal or by taking advantage of introductory rates.

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TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £120 Voucher

TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband. Only pay for calls you use, nothing more. Ideal if you don't use many landline calls. Free wireless router.

Online exclusive: 6 months HALF PRICE + FREE router & FREE connection (worth £50) FREE £120 VOUCHER - Ends TODAY!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 12 months £1.75 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
Brightbox - EE
Roundel Yellow Better Than Half Price Small

EE Unlimited Broadband and Calls

Free Norton Security for 12 months, 2 for 1 cinema tickets every wednesday, unlimited weekend calls + no broadband usage limits.

NEW DEAL: BETTER THAN HALF PRICE plus 2 for 1 cinema tickets every wednesday & free Bright Box wireless router (worth £95)

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 12 months £2.50 price details Buy now 0800 787 0958
BT 7610 Homephone

BT Home Phone - Unlimited Weekend

Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines. 0845 and 0870 numbers included.

Also with inclusive 0870 & 0845 at weekends + free 1471 service

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- 12 months FREE price details Buy now 0800 691 1783
BT 7610 Homephone

BT new line

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- pay as
you go
FREE price details Buy now 0800 691 1783
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Free broadband explained

Free broadband is up for grabs with a host of providers, but is most commonly offered with a bundle that combines a series of services.

It's worth nothing that free broadband is never for the duration of the contract, but is typically offered only for an introductory period. Even so, because free broadband deals can result in some substantial savings, it's always worth seeking them out.

Free broadband

Talk Talk spearheaded the move to free broadband with its "Talk 2 & 3 International" packages, which combined free broadband with competitive landline deals. TalkTalk has since moved away from this "free broadband" messaging, as it led to a lot of confusion and frustration among their customers.

With a name like "Free Broadband" it will come as no surprise that a good deal of scepticism as to how free it really is exists among some consumer groups and industry experts.

The hook is that "Free Broadband" is only free when you sign up for other services such as home phone or TV and even then only for the initial period of a contract. But if you're going to sign up for these extras anyway, free broadband really is a boon.

Cheap broadband

Although it's not hard to find deals that offer free broadband for a limited period, the days of free broadband being a viable option for ISPs to offer for the entire duration of a contract have long since passed.

Increasingly broadband suppliers are moving towards marketing themselves as offering cheap broadband. For a time, recession-proof broadband was a favoured sell too.

In recessionary times people are looking for great value which isn't exactly what free broadband brought when it was being widely marketed.

Who is free broadband for?

  • Home phone users - it makes sense to combine your home phone and broadband bills into one, especially if you want to get free evening, weekend and international calls included.
  • Digital TV customers - if you are interested in taking on a TV package and also need a broadband connection, it may be worth your while bundling the two together and getting free broadband.
  • If you just want to pay for a good mobile phone contract, good TV or a good home phone service, then you should look out for bundles that give free (or discounted) broadband alongside these services.

Compare free broadband?

We list a range of ‘free’ broadband services above allowing you to compare the differences and work out which is the best option for you. Alternatively, for an array of free or paid-for broadband services, you can compare broadband packages incorporating free broadband on our main broadband comparison page – you may also want to check your availability on our postcode checker.

Broadband and free gifts

To sweeten the deal, at one stage not too long ago many broadband providers bundled their broadband service with a host of attractive free gifts. Here we'll talk you through the kind of offers you can expect and that have been popular over the years.

Broadband and free gifts

Free gifts with broadband, such as laptops, netbooks and MP3 players, were commonplace not too long ago. However, they have since become much less available and have been replaced by other types of broadband and free gift deals.

That's not to say that free gifts with your broadband have totally disappeared. BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Sky all give away free set top boxes with their TV bundles.

Meanwhile, many providers periodically include free vouchers for Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's when you sign up. And if you choose Tesco broadband, you qualify for Tesco Club cards, which can mean substantial savings on your weekly shop.

Broadband and free line rental

Increasingly broadband providers are offering line rental as part of broadband deals. This adds a level of convenience to paying bills, as customers no longer need to pay their ISP for broadband as well as pay BT seperately for line rental. There are some significant savings to be made from taking on these free broadband deals too.

Compare all broadband and free line rental packages here Broadband & Free Line Rental

To compare all the free gifts you can get with your broadband package see our broadband and free gifts

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