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Student broadband deals

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Student broadband deals explained

Although your parents may try to convince you that all they took to university was a knapsack and a packet of biscuits and that they got along just fine, times have changed. Broadband has become an essential utility for students in this day and age and might just be the best study aid there is.

Facebook and e-mail access is non-negotiable, and the ability to do research quickly online is also a must. That means that a high-performance, best value student broadband deal is more important than ever before.

Universities are also operating more and more on the internet, sending out vital e-mails, leaving important posts on their website, uploading notes and course content, and even taking assessments online. And don’t forget those websites that are essential to nailing that all-important essay.

In fact, even without taking the work aspect into consideration, the internet is a crucial and affordable way to stay in touch with family and friends.

This page has all the information you need to compare our best broadband deals for students and find the right provider for your needs.

Choosing a student broadband package — what are our best student broadband deals in January 2022?

  • Price: Always a major factor in a student broadband purchase. For more cheap deals, see our cheap broadband page. But remember, you often get what you pay for: The best broadband deals aren't always the ones with the lowest monthly rate.
  • Contract length: Don't get tied down for longer than you need to.
  • Download allowance: Do you just want to browse Facebook and check e-mail? Or are you a heavy downloader who watches films or plays online games? For the latter, see our fibre broadband deals page.
  • Flexibility: No student likes to be tied down by their broadband connection. Wireless and mobile broadband packages are ideal for students who mainly connect to the internet on laptops. See our mobile broadband and wireless broadband pages.

Student mobile broadband

Think carefully about your budget and what you need from a broadband package, and then try to choose appropriately.

If you plan on going back to your parents' during the summer hols, you might want to look at mobile broadband deals. Most fixed-line broadband is offered in yearly contracts, so if you're living in student accommodation, you're stuck paying for a service you're not using for a few months.

Mobile broadband allows you to take your internet contract with you wherever you are, meaning you're not wasting money on something you can't even access.

Compare all mobile broadband packages and deals here.

Free iPad deals

iPads are brilliant for note-taking, reading up on course books and keeping on top of your social life — all of which make them a perfect student accessory.

Pick up an iPad on a contract deal, and you'll get a monthly usage allowance, and you'll be able to spread the cost of the device across monthly payments instead of one lump sum.

Check out iPad deals here: iPad deals

Broadband deals news

News7 December 2021

Virgin Media upgrades its entire network to gigabit broadband

The telecoms giant has completed the rollout of gigabit-capable speeds on its cable broadband network.

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