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Top 10 Broadband Awards 2009

This year's Top 10 Broadband Awards were held at 24 London on the 15th September 2009 and were presented by Spencer Kelly from BBC's 'Click'.

With the broadband landscape changing every day, our awards serve as an up-to-date guide to the very best in UK broadband technology and deals.

Click the awards below to see the 2009 award winners. It's the Oscars of the broadband world!

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And the winners are...

Missed the show?

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Top 10 Broadband Awards 2009. If you missed the show, fear not - we have got pictures from the night, a Twitter feed and even a taste of the music played at the event!

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Top10 Broadband Awards 2009

About Our Awards

The Top 10 Broadband Awards are the UK's premier broadband awards. Now in their second year, the awards aim to offer a guide to the very best in broadband for UK consumers on an annual basis.

The Top10 judging panel performed rigorous testing by analyzing 1.5 million customer ratings, 400,000 speed tests, hundreds of items of feedback from website users and package-level data sets. We believe we truly dissected 2009's broadband market to reach our conclusions.

The awards are presented to home and mobile broadband providers across 11 separate award categories.

If you would like to know more about our broadband awards, please contact us