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uSwitch broadband awards 2013

The Broadband Awards 2013

The 2013 uSwitch Broadband Awards were held at Circus in London's Covent Garden on the 16th of January, and proved to be an unforgettable evening celebrating the best of the broadband industry.

About the Awards

The uSwitch Broadband Awards 2013 delivered an evening to delight and excite, in celebration of the best of the broadband industry. Bringing together manufacturers, providers and names from the UK’s leading media publications for the party of the year.

The uSwitch Broadband Awards 2013 took place at London’s legendary Circus, a venue which provided an evening of escapism to a world where cocktails flow and acrobats fly through the air.

Located in London’s Covent Garden, the stylish and surreal venue provided a dramatic setting for the most exciting uSwitch Broadband Awards event yet.

Dedicated to celebrating the best of the broadband market, we’ve polled the nation in our Broadband Awards Survey and enlisted the help of some of the industry’s top names to form our Awards Judging Panel.

Circus Bar

The JudgesPanel selected by Ernest Doku, technology expert at

  • Dew Alam

    Dew Alam

    Dew joined uSwitch straight from university driven by his passion for the web and specialises in tenacious news reporting and iconoclastic comment on the latest mobile phone developments. When not writing about tech, Dew can be usually found doing photography and saving the galaxy in Mass Effect.

  • Jonathan Leggett

    Jonathan Leggett

    Jonathan heads up our uSwitch Mobile Phones news team. With more than 5 years experience in the technology sector, Jonathan has worked on some of the biggest stories the industry has seen. When not immersed in all things techy on behalf on uSwitch, Jonathan also contributes to the Guardian supplements, G2 and The Guide as well as MixMag magazine.

  • Ernest Doku

    Ernest Doku

    Ernest Doku is the Product Relations Manager for the communications channel of comparison site uSwitch, as well as acting as Editorial Director of mobile phone comparison site Ernest represents uSwitch within national press and broadcast media with a focus on highlighting consumer issues within the telecoms sector. Ernest also has experience as a journalist within the technology industry, having contributed articles, reviews and features to news outlets including The Metro, The Scotsman and The Daily Express.

  • Rob Kerr

    Rob Kerr

    Rob Kerr is the Contributing Editor of comparison site Omio and a journalist with more than 12 years experience of news, reviews and feature writing on titles such as WIRED, PC Magazine, The Register, The INQUIRER, Pocket-Lint, Mobile Industry Review, Know Your Mobile and The Gadget Show. The mobile phone world is his real passion and forte, having owned a handset as far back as 1994 where he's seen them grow from just being just a business tool, to a necessity in everyone's everyday life.

  • Joe Minihane

    Joe Minihane

    Joe Minihane is a freelance gadget and technology journalist. He has a passion for new bleeding edge tech and has worked at gadget bibles Stuff and T3, as well as a stint looking after reviews for UK tech site.

  • Ben Woods

    Ben Woods

    With several years' experience covering everything in the world of telecoms and mobility, Ben's your man if it involves a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other piece of tech small enough to carry around with you. He's also keenly interested in broadband issues, and has spent more time than strictly necessary testing out a multitude of software packages.

  • Gordon Kelly

    Gordon Kelly

    Gordon Kelly is a London, UK based writer and journalist specialising in technology, music and film. He freelances for TrustedReviews, BBC Future, BBC Focus, The Scotsman and Wired amongst others, produces copyrighting for international organisations and teaches courses in media relations.