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Sky Fibre Max: 5 things you need to know

Sky Fibre Max: 5 things you need to know

Sky has announced a high-end addition to its range of broadband deals. Dubbed Fibre Max, it features headline speeds of up to 76Mbps, which are double Sky's previous fastest broadband product.

So what else is new about it? What's the download limit? And how much does it cost? And how does it compare to the rest of Sky's broadband options? Join us as we run down the details to give you everything you need to know.

1 It gives speeds of up to 76Mbps

fibre broadband 3

That's mighty impressive, and sits above Sky's 38Mbps and 17Mbps offerings. But it's worth remembering that's an absolute maximum, and in practice, speeds may well be slower than that.

At peak speeds, though, you'll be able to download an album in five seconds, an episode of a TV show in under a minute, and full-length feature films in under two minutes.

2 It offers unlimited downloads

There's no cap on usage, so you can download as many films, TV shows, documentaries, music, games and whatever else you like without fear of maxing out your allowance.

This contrasts with standard Sky Fibre, which has a limit of 25GB a month. Though you can opt for Sky Fibre Unlimited, which offers the same 38Mbps maximum speed as Sky Fibre but with no monthly limit.

Sky Broadband Unlimited, Sky's entry-level broadband offering, also offers unlimited usage, with speeds of up to 17Mbps.

3 It starts at £32.40 a month including line rental

That's broken down to £15 per month for Sky Fibre Max for the first 12 months, and £17.40 for Sky Line Rental.

Then for the rest of your 18-month contract, the Fibre Max price goes up to £25 per month. So you'd be paying £42.40 per month including line rental during this period.

You also have to pay £9.95 for the router to be delivered. Sky says that "set-up costs may apply", though we can't imagine they'll be too high.

4 It comes with protection as standard

sky broadband shield

Like all of Sky's broadband offerings, Sky Fibre Max comes with access to Sky's Broadband Shield thrown in for free. This lets you stop unsuitable websites and content being viewed through your broadband connection.

You can customise it to your needs. Just choose a rating – PG, 13, 18 or customised – and a watershed that stops certain types of sites being viewed at certain times of the day. You can also choose to block specific websites.

Broadband Shield protects against phishing and malware-infected sites too, so your devices shouldn't get infected with any viruses. And it works across all devices connected to the broadband, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.

Also like Sky's other broadband tiers, Fibre Max comes with Sky's customer service, which was rated number one by Ofcom in January of this year.

5 You don't need Sky TV to get it

Sky Fibre Max is available to anyone, whether you have Sky TV or not.

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