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How to contact your broadband provider

Here's how to contact your broadband provider if you need to cancel, change your services, or enquire about billing or faults.
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woman on the phone to her broadband provider

If you need to contact your broadband provider to enquire about switching, complain about a fault, or upgrade or downgrade your services, there are a number of ways to do this.

Since most broadband providers are still being affected by the restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s worth noting that calling your provider on the phone is probably not the most efficient way to get in touch. Like most businesses, internet service providers have had to limit the number of staff in their offices and call centres, meaning it can take a long time before someone is able to answer your call.

If you can avoid it, it’s best to use an alternative method to contact your broadband provider.

How to contact BT

bt logo

BT is one of the most popular broadband providers in the UK and is regularly ranked as one of the best for quality of service. However, BT has been known to have confusing Terms & Conditions in its contracts, with a number of add-on services like BT TV and BT Sport having different T&Cs from its broadband and TV services.

You can find a step-by-step process for how to get in contact with the appropriate department within BT on their website.

If you need help with your bill, or with any of your services, here’s how you can contact BT:

  • Phone: BT’s customer care line can be reached at 0800 800 150. It’s open Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm, or weekends from 8am to 8pm. Those wishing to cancel their broadband can call BT from the UK, on 0800 783 1401. BT mobile customers can dial 150 from their device.

  • Post: BT Correspondence Centre, Providence Row, Durham, DH98 1BT

  • Email: You can fill out BT’s contact form and submit your complaint. BT aims to respond to emails within 24 hours.

  • Live chat: BT support assistance is available via live chat, but operating times vary by department.

  • Online: You can contact BT via a form on its website. You can also pose a question via BT’s community forum

  • Twitter: The @BTCare Twitter account is very responsive to public complaints on social media.

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How to contact Sky

sky logo

Sky is one of the UK’s biggest broadband providers, and by far its most popular digital TV provider. When it comes to adding services to your subscription or checking your bills and payments, most of this can be done online in your Sky account.

However, if you want to cancel your subscription to any of Sky’s services, or make a complaint or enquiry, you can contact Sky in a number of ways:

  • Phone: Sky’s complaints line is 03337590956 . Calls to this number are free for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers; however, charges may apply if you’re calling from a different provider. Other broadband queries can be made by calling 0333 7591 018.

  • Post: Customer Complaints, Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD

  • Sky live chat: You can reach Sky Experts on its live chat for free between 8:30am and 8pm, seven days a week (more details below)

  • Twitter: The @SkyHelpTeam account is available from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 9pm on weekends.

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Sky live chat

You can contact Sky via the My Sky app, which includes a live chat customer support feature. The app was launched back in 2017 to make it "quicker and easier than ever" for people to manage their subscriptions.

Key features of My Sky include the ability to view and manage TV, broadband, talk and mobile services, check and pay bills, alter payment details and monitor broadband speed and usage.

Users can also check their service status and find out how to set up and fix Sky products and services.

Within the MySky app, you can speak with a specialist from Sky via its messaging service which offers real-time interactions and should hopefully see any service issues resolved much more quickly.

The My Sky app is available for download for both iPhone and Android.

How to contact Virgin Media

virgin media logo

Virgin Media has some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK and has consistently been named ‘Fastest Broadband Provider’ in the Uswitch Broadband & Mobile Awards 2020. That’s not to say that things never go wrong. If you need to contact Virgin Media to report a fault or change your subscription package, there are a few ways to get in touch:

  • Phone: 0345 454 1111, Virgin Media landlines can call via 150.

Monday to Friday, 8am until 9pm. Saturday's lines are open from 8am until 9pm, while Sunday’s are 8am until 6pm. For people with hearing considerations, Virgin offers a text reply service. According to the website this can be accessed either by calling 18001 0800 052 2164 or by downloading the Reply UK app.

A video reply service is also at your disposal. This allows you to speak with Virgin through a witty sign language interpreter. According to Virgin this service is in operation seven days a week, 8am to 12am.

  • Post: Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA

  • Virgin Media Community has lots of useful information as well as a forum to ask questions about your set up and access.

  • Fix an issue can help answer support questions

  • Online form: You can fill in a complaints form on the Virgin Media website

  • Twitter: @VirginMedia if all else fails, tweet Virgin Media directly for help.

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How to contact TalkTalk

talktalk logo

TalkTalk is known for its great prices and competitive broadband deals, and were named ‘Most Popular Broadband Provider’ in the 2020 Uswitch Broadband & Mobile Awards.

If you any have questions about your subscription or your bills or anything to do with your contract, then there are a number of ways to get in touch with TalkTalk directly:

  • Phone: TalkTalk’s customer care line can be reached at 0345 172 0088.

  • Live chat: If you’re unable to resolve your query online at, you can contact the TalkTalk support team in its online chat, which is open seven days a week.

  • TalkTalk Community: A forum for TalkTalk customers to ask questions and seek out advice from both professionals and other customers.

  • Twitter: The @TalkTalk Twitter account is active most days until 10pm.

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How to contact Plusnet

plusnet logo

Plusnet is a provider that combines great prices with great customer service, so if you do need to contact them directly for any reason, you should be treated to a fantastic customer experience. Here’s how to contact Plusnet directly:

  • Phone: Plusnet’s customer service contact number is 08004320200 from 8am to 8pm.

You can also dial 500 from your Plusnet Mobile. Calls to this number are free of charge.

  • Online chat: You can reach the Plusnet customer service team on its live chat function. You will be asked a series of questions before you sign on in order to direct you to the right department for your enquiry.

  • Twitter: If the online chat function is not available you can contact Plusnet via Twitter.

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How to contact Vodafone

vodafone logo

Though a relatively new broadband provider, Vodafone is quickly making a name for itself as a broadband and mobile provider. With some incredibly cheap broadband deals, which are even cheaper for Vodafone mobile customers, Vodafone is definitely an up-and-coming provider worth considering.

If you were looking to switch to Vodafone, or had any queries, here’s how to contact Vodafone directly:

  • Phone: 03333040191. Vodafone mobile phone users can dial 191.

  • Post: Customer Relations Manager, Vodafone Limited, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN

  • Live chat

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