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Netflix has finally landed on Sky Q boxes, eliminating the need to faff about with HDMI inputs in your TV when you want to watch new House of Cards or Daredevil episodes. And potentially saving you a bit of cash, to boot.

Available as part of Sky-branded packages, prices start from £10 per month for the Ultimate On Demand TV bundle, which is available as 31-day rolling contract. The price applies for new and existing customers.

That outlay gets you the standard edition of Netflix (normally priced £7.99 per month) and Sky Box sets, which will ordinarily set you back £5 per month. That means you’re saving just under £3 per month, were you to subscribe to them separately.

It’s worth noting, though, that you’ll need to be signed up to Sky Q’s Entertainment package, at a cost of £20 per month, to get the Ultimate On Demand bundle.

Alternatively, you can sign up for what’s been dubbed Sky Q Experience package. As its name suggests, this package is focused on multi-screen and UHD content.

Priced £12 per month, this includes the Premium version of Netflix and differs principally from the cheaper Ultimate On Demand package by giving you the option to stream Netflix to four devices simultaneously, as well as a trove of UHD content and the ability to stream Sky content to Sky Q Mini boxes.

Ultimate on Demand Q Experience
Sky Sky
Sky Box Sets in HD
2 Streams on Go
2 Streams on Go
Streaming to Q Mini boxes
Side Loading
UHD (with Sky Q 2TB box)
Netflix Netflix
Netflix Standard
2 Streams
Downloads to devices
Netflix Premium
4 Streams
UHD (with 2TB Sky Q box)
£10 per month £12 per month (additional to £10 per month for UOD)

Once again, though, you should be aware that to get the Sky Q Experience you’ll have to take Ultimate on Demand at £10 per month too. So, factoring in the £20-per-month cost of Sky Q Entertainment, you’ll be paying out £42 per month for Sky TV. Oh and you’ll need to have a 2TB Sky Q box, as well.

Customers can sign up for the service now.

We took a turn on the new Netflix-augmented Sky Q earlier this week and came away very impressed by how closely integrated it is. Netflix content is front and centre and you can search for it easily, amid all the Sky programming.

Right now, however, only text searches are enabled. Voice search is due to arrive next year.

Customers who sign up for either of Sky's Netflix bundles get a single bill. There are no plans to bring Netflix to the older Sky+ boxes. So if you’re in that number and want easy-access Netflix on your box you’ll need to upgrade to Sky Q.

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