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Would one-day car insurance benefit you?

If you answer yes to all these questions it could be...

Do you need to borrow a car just for one day?

One day car insurance can be cheaper than hiring a car or being added as a named driver to someone else’s policy. You will also benefit from comprehensive cover.

Do you need to test drive a car you might buy?

Even if your own car insurance policy covers you to drive other cars, it probably only covers you against third party risks. One day insurance, on the other hand, provides comprehensive cover.

Do you want to share the driving with a friend?

One day car insurance can be cheaper than being added as a named driver on someone else’s policy. Plus, if you have an accident, it won't impact their no-claims discount.

Do you have a garaged car you need to drive occasionally?

Rather than having insurance all year round, you can take out one day car insurance for a car that is not used often, such as a classic car.

Temporary Learner Driver Insurance

Most people learn to drive in a car owned by an approved driving instructor, but many will also choose to supplement their lessons with independent practice in a friend’s or family member’s car.

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Explore our guides

Find in-depth information on everything you need to know about comparing one-day car insurance and switching your cover.

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One-day car insurance FAQs

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