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Can I keep my current energy plan if I move home?

Can I keep my current energy plan if I move home?

So, you're moving home and you want to take your energy plan with you. Find out what you can do to keep your tariff in our latest Energy Q&A and if it’s worth switching to a new plan.

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Keeping your energy plan when you move

Sometimes people want to keep their energy tariffs when they move home. This is usually the case if they are on a particularly good deal and don't want to have to change it.

So, is it possible to take your energy deal with you when you move? In most cases, yes it is possible.

As long as your name is on the energy bill at your new address (i.e. it is not included in the rent and paid by your landlord) you can simply call your energy supplier at least 48 hours before your move. Ask them if your plan is still available at your new address and they will sort the rest out for you.

However, you should still do an energy comparison first to ensure you're getting the best possible energy plan in your new home.

Should I change my energy plan when I move home?

When it comes to moving home you may have the option of either keeping your current energy tariff or simply running a quick energy comparison based on your new address and selecting the cheapest deal available there.

Either way, you'll need to call your energy supplier and let them know at least 48 hours before the move. If your energy supplier says your current plan is available for your new home, don't make a final decision without checking your options.

It is always a good idea to compare energy prices for your new address as soon as possible. This will provide you with an overview of the different tariffs available to you and let you pick the most suitable. It could well be that your new home is eligible for a different — and cheaper — selection of plans than your previous one.

Moving home is also a great opportunity to look at your other household bills and utilities. Uswitch can help you compare broadband deals and see if you can switch to a faster and cheaper option in your new home.

You can also look up and compare home insurance option and see if you can save money.

comparing and switching energy can save you money in your new home

I want to switch my energy plan at my new home

Sorting out your energy supply at your new address is one of the easiest tasks on your moving home to-do list. Just follow these steps:

  • Find out who your current energy supplier is
  • Your first step will be to find out which company is currently supplying energy to the property.

    You can call the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 or visit Find My Supplier to find out who supplies your gas.

    Our guide to finding out who is my gas or electricity supplier has information on who to contact for each region in the UK to find your electricity supplier as well. Failing that, you can also try asking the previous tenants.

    If you're renting your new home, then just ask your landlord or follow the steps above to find out your supplier.

    If you're a renter and your energy bills are included in the rent then it could get a bit more complicated as your landlord's name will be on the bill. If this is the case then you can still run a comparison on Uswitch and show it to your landlord to encourage them to make the switch and save money. to find out more read the Uswitch guide. Tenants’ guide to switching energy supplier.

  • Run an energy comparison on Uswitch
  • If you don't have internet set up in your new home yet, you can download the Uswitch app here. Or simply search 'Uswitch - compare switch and save' in the App Store or give us a call on 0800 6888 557 and we'll walk you through the energy comparison and switching process.

    Our website on mobile or desktop is also easy to navigate. Simply enter your new home address’s postcode and supplier name to get started.

    We will ask questions about your energy bill at your new address, but as you've just moved just say "not sure" when prompted and instead answer questions about the size of your home and your lifestyle to help us choose what kind of energy plans would best suit you.

    We will show you the plans available in your area that we can help you switch to, and then you can look over your options and click on the plan you wish to switch to.

    You can switch online or in the app in minutes. Your new supplier will be in touch with your old supplier to arrange the switch and will contact you to let you know about the plan and how much to pay.

take your energy plan when you move home - infographic

Is it safe to switch my energy?

Yes, it is even encouraged by the industry regulator, Ofgem. To protect customers from paying too much on their energy bills, households are regularly encouraged to switch their supplier.

It pays to be disloyal when it comes to energy as it ensures the suppliers have to remain competitive to keep their customers and attract new ones.

You also won't get any break in the supply of energy when you switch as it all comes from the same place. No work or installations need to be carried out for an energy switch to take place. You can do it in minutes online with Uswitch and it's free.

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