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Find cheap gas suppliers

Find cheap gas suppliers

Finding cheap gas and the right energy supplier in the UK doesn't have to be difficult. uSwitch guide to finding a cheap gas supplier make it easy to find the cheapest gas and cheapest energy supplier for you

Don't rely on the price cap to save

The energy price cap level might have been reduced, but it won’t save you enough to make a real difference. Enter your postcode to lock in a cheaper deal.

How many gas suppliers are there in your area? Which one offers the best value for money, and which has the best plan for you? The only way you can answer these questions is by running a gas comparison.

Comparing cheap gas suppliers in your area is easy to do and just takes a few minutes. To start, just tell us two things: where you live and how much energy you use.

Will a cheap gas supplier mean worse customer service?

No. One of the greatest misconceptions around switching your gas or electricity is that by going to a cheaper gas supplier you will be compromising good customer service.The table of results allows you to click through to customer reviews and view specific supplier details.

It includes customer satisfaction ratings, so you can also compare providers in terms of customer service and not just cheaper gas prices and see what other people thought of the supplier you are a looking it.

You can also see how the big suppliers fared in our annual customer satisfaction survey, with big differences between the best and worst performers every year.

cheap gas suppliers UK

Will switching to the cheapest gas supplier be complicated?

Don't worry if you've never switched to a cheaper gas provider before. It's not difficult to find the cheapest gas supplier:

  • We take care of all the paperwork for you so your switch is as stress-free as possible.
  • Your new cheap gas supplier will use the same meters, wires and supply lines as your old gas provider - your gas supply won't be switched off at any point.
  • We contact your old gas supplier on your behalf to tell them you're switching so you don't have to have any awkward conversations.
  • • The only thing you have to do after switching through is to take a meter reading and submit it to both your old and new supplier. By giving a meter reading you can ensure that your billing, both your final statement and your first bill with your new supplier, are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Looking for cheap gas and electricity? Simply enter your postcode into the green gas and electricity comparison box and we'll find the cheapest gas suppliers for you and the cheapest energy supplier for dual fuel plans too.
  • Read the Transcript

    I think the whole process is probably quite quick, five minutes, ten minutes including all the meter readings that I did. That's a very detailed answer. Just five to ten minutes of putting some information in and we were seeing that we were saving two-and-a-half, three hundred pounds straight away. That made me feel comfortable that they were giving me credible results that would deliver. Why should we be wasting 250 pounds, 300 pounds a year?

    uSwitch's website made it easy in the sense that it was streamlined and it gave us some quick and tangible results. It was easy to see what was going on, what we could be doing, and I think the bill in the end came out as a total of 268 pounds I think was the saving in total on the dual fuel. I think we could have saved another 15 or 20 pounds a year with the very cheapest one, but we found the right balance with what we were looking for.

    I probably, looking into the detail that I did, I probably spent about an hour when all said and done, about an hour, and if we call that a salary rate of 268 pounds an hour its probably a good rate that most people would like. It was step-by-step all the way through with the uSwitch, which did make it easy.

Will my gas supply be affected by a switch?

No. Should you choose to switch you won’t have to endure a gas outage so don’t let this put you off your search for the cheapest gas suppliers.

When you switch gas supplier the actual gas that is piped to your home remains the same. The only difference is how that gas is paid for, and how it's charged.

Don't let unfounded fears put you off your search for cheaper gas

All gas suppliers use the same pipes to get gas to your home and your new and old gas providers will work together to make sure you don’t suffer a supply interruption.

Switching gas supply is simply a case of changing who is billing you and the rate they charge per kWh of gas used. It's as simple as that.

In addition, gas providers sometimes offer exclusive plans and deals through, which you can find whenever you compare the cheapest gas prices.

uSwitch also has a UK based customer support centre which is available to help you with any questions you might have regarding the website and finding the cheapest gas supplier for you.

Our comparison tables also let you compare different types of plans so you can look beyond just prices. If you're looking for peace of mind for instance then a fixed plan, that guarantees your rates at a certain price or for a certain period of time, might be a good option.

Conversely if you want to manage your plan online we can show you online-only plans, or if you are looking for a plan with environmental considerations we can show you the latest 'green' plans.

cheap gas suppliers UK

How do gas providers set prices?

Gas prices depend on a wide array of factors. These range from global production levels and changing supply chain costs to unexpected weather conditions, such as a particularly long winter. Each of these elements and many more can affect individual gas companies in different ways. In addition, gas providers often purchase gas months or even years in advance to mitigate potential price rises.

For consumers, the simplest way to ensure fair rates from a gas provider is to frequently compare what other gas companies are offering. The only thing that keeps the gas market competitive is the prospect of customers moving from supplier to supplier.

How do I ensure I'm on the cheapest gas prices?

The best way to ensure you're not overpaying for your gas prices is to compare gas prices with a trusted energy price comparison site like uSwitch.

Not only is uSwitch the #1 energy switching website in the UK, we are a voluntary member of Ofgem's Confidence Code. Being accredited by Ofgem's code means you can be assured you'll get a simple, straightforward energy price comparison.

uSwitch also boast a 2018 Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award based on nearly 12,000 customer reviews of our service.

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How else can I cut my energy bills?

Run energy comparisons regularly, we recommend once or twice a year. To get the best results try and get an annual statement from your provider. If you enter you annual consumption in kWh we can tell you exactly how much you can save by switching. Don't worry if you don't have an annual statement though, we can still give you an accurate quote by using your spending figures.

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