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M&S Energy

M&S Energy

M&S Energy is supplied by SSE, offering energy options from the well-known clothing and food retailer

2018 customer rating for M&S Energy

M&S energy supplier rating

M&S Energy was rated four stars out of five by customers who found the suppliers customer service, switchover process and value of money to be worth high marks. This score is based on the 2018 survey run by YouGov and commissioned by uSwitch

About M&S Energy

In August 2015, M&S Energy announced that they had gone green, supplying electricity from renewable sources at no extra charge to customers.

The M&S Energy electricity is 100% renewable, sourced from hydroelectricy stations located in Scotland.

M&S may be better known for clothing and food than energy, but after teaming up with SSE they entered the UK's gas and electricity market. They have opted to keep it simple for customers, offering just two energy plans.

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