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Tesco Mobile iPhone X prices announced


Tesco Mobile has announced prices for the iPhone X, as we count down to its official street date of 3rd November.

Unlike the likes of O2 and EE, Tesco Mobile isn’t offering the phone for pre-order. So it follows there are no pre-order incentives or promotions to speak of.

That said, the deals compare pretty well with the competition. Especially if you’re looking to spread your payments a bit.

The iPhone X 64GB edition, for instance, is up for grabs for £52.49 per month on Tesco Mobile’s 30-month Anytime Upgrade Flex plan. That includes 4GB of data per month, plus 3,000 minutes and 5,000 texts.

The 256GB edition is available for £57.99 per month on the same 30-month Anytime Upgrade Flex plan. Naturally, with the same monthly allowances.

There's no upfront charge on either plan.

As ‘Anytime Upgrade Flex’ suggests, these plans allow you to upgrade to a new phone at any point during your contract. And you can change your tariff from month to month too.

The other key ‘sell’ of Anytime Upgrade Flex is they let you spread the cost of your phone over a longer contract term, so there’s a bit less to pay every month.

Although, you’ll likely pay more in the long term for the privilege.

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