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iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr: What’s the difference?

iPhone XS XS Max and XR homescreens hero size

With a £400 price difference between them, the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr are clearly aimed at different markets. So what’s the difference between them?

Come and we’ll show you all the main points of difference so you can decide which is right for you.

iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr: Design

iPhone XR tap blue and white front and back hero size

The Xs Max looks nigh-on identical to last year’s iPhone X, only bigger. It has the same notch, same all-screen front and same lack of a home button. The rounded corners and folded over OLED display are also all present and correct. It’s the fanciest phone Apple does, so as you’d expect, it’s the most premium, design-wise.

The Xr is a less glossy affair. It’s still an all-screen front, but Apple has scrimped on the materials. The screen is less premium (more on that later) and the corners are made of aluminium instead of stainless steel.

It’s still an iPhone, and as such, it’s still quite a looker. It’s just not quite as desirable as its pricier siblings.

The Xr also comes in a new range of colours to showcase its more affordable status. They’re a bit brighter, younger and more fun than the Xs Max’s rather conservative dress sense.

iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr: Performance

iPhone XS max A12 Bionic

Both handsets run with the A12 chipset, which is the next generation. This is faster and more efficient than the A11, meaning improved performance and longer battery life. It also packs a rumoured 4GB of RAM, which should mean ridiculously good performance.

iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr: Screen

iPhone XS XS Max and XR homescreens hero size

The most notable difference between these two is the size. They’re both big, but the Xs Max stands a mighty 6.5 inches diagonally across, which is the biggest iPhone ever made.

The Xr is 6.1 inches large, so it’s still bigger than the iPhone X and Xs. But it’s dwarfed by the Xs Max.

The Xr also has an LCD screen, which is less advanced than the Xs Max’s OLED panel. That means less of a difference between the light and dark parts of the picture, reducing clarity especially in moodily-lit scenes. The image itself will also be less sharp.

iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr: Price

iPhone XR yellow homescreen hero size

The Xs is the priciest iPhone Apple has ever made. The basic model will set you back £1,099.

At £749, the Xr is more affordable, but still a long way from cheap.

Basically, you’re paying extra for the bigger, brighter, clearer screen, faster performance and nattier design. Our advice? Weigh up how much those things matter to you before getting your credit card out.

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