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Virgin Media’s new streaming service saves customers 10% on all their streaming subscriptions

Virgin Media’s new streaming service saves customers 10% on all their streaming subscriptions

Virgin Media O2 has launched a new streaming service that allows its customers to combine all their TV streaming subscriptions into one single catch-all service. As of 27 April 2022, Virgin Media broadband customers will be able to combine all their various subscriptions, including Netflix and Disney Plus, into one package.

Efficiently named “Stream”, this new Virgin Media service requires no monthly fee after an initial £35 activation charge. VMO2 customers can then pick and choose which streaming platforms they want to access via Stream on a month-by-month basis.

It’s a small, HDMI-powered streaming device that plugs into almost any TV. Stream is set to give users more control over their subscriptions, and allow them to access all the content they want from a single device and user interface.

In essence, this would make it easier to switch subscriptions on and off as and when you want access to them. No major games you want to watch in the coming weeks? Then you don’t need to keep paying for Sky Sports and BT Sport this month.

In addition to the convenience and control, Virgin Media customers will also receive 10% credit back every month on each of the subscriptions they add to Stream.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at Uswitch.com, comments: “Hot on the heels of Sky's bid to revolutionise entertainment with a new TV in Glass, Virgin's Stream frees consumers from the shackles of lengthy streaming services - all from a tiny device showcasing your favourite live and on-demand content.

“At a time when the cost of living crisis is really starting to squeeze households across the UK, Stream also allows its customers to keep track of and manage all of the entertainment services they use in one place.

“This will be especially useful to people who struggle to juggle payments for different entertainment services, especially if they’re not set up to leave their bank on the same day.

“With no monthly subscription fees, Stream allows you to dip in and out of each service, giving more flexibility to customers that may not want to stay subscribed to each of them throughout the year.

“Stream offers a 10% discount on your monthly bill when subscribing to platforms through the service, so customers can find savings on their bill when bundling everything together, as long as you’re a Virgin Media broadband customer, and willing to pay the initial activation fee.

“By putting the technology into a dongle similar to an Amazon Fire Stick, it means that for most people with a HDMI port in their TV, it will be straightforward to set up and easy to transfer to another TV in the home.”

Virgin Media O2 Stream key benefits:

  • Access all your streaming services via one interface, including Netflix and Disney Plus
  • Stream in incredible 4K and UHD
  • Receive recommendations and search with voice across all platforms
  • Manage payments on a month-by-month basis so you’re never stuck paying for a service you don’t need
  • Receive a 10% discount for each subscription you add to Stream

Stream is currently only available to VMO2 broadband-only customers. Those on TV and broadband bundles will have to wait until later in the year and when their contract runs out to switch to Stream.

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