Energy Q&A: Which energy company supplies my energy?

Not sure who your energy supplier is? Don't worry, read on to find out everything you need to know about identifying your provider

Plenty of people aren’t sure who their energy supplier is. You might have moved house and not yet received a bill, or simply have no idea who supplies your home.

With so many bills being sent out digitally, it’s easy to overlook them and forget which energy supplier provides your gas and electricity.

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So how can you find out? Well the easiest way is to check your latest energy bill. Your energy supplier will be clearly marked on it, as well as the name of your energy tariff.


If you can’t get hold of a bill, the simplest way to find out which energy provider supplies your gas is to give the Meter Number Helpline a ring on 0870 608 1524.

For your electricity supplier, call your regional electricity distribution number. The number differs based on where you live, see below for a full list:

  • Scotland North 0845 0262 554

    Scotland South 0845 270 9101

    North East England 0845 601 3268

    North West England 0870 751 0093

    Eastern England 0870 196 3082

    Southern England 0845 0262 554

    South West England 0845 601 5972

    South East England 0845 601 5467

    London 0845 601 5467

    Yorkshire 0845 330 0889

    Merseyside and North Wales 0845 270 9101

    South Wales 0845 601 5972

    West Midlands 0845 603 0618

    East Midlands 0845 603 0618

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    Compare your energy bills and save up to £412!