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How to get broadband with no credit check

How to get broadband with no credit check

If you’re concerned that your credit history might stop you from getting a new broadband deal, you don’t need to worry. There are many broadband providers out there that don’t require a credit check to sign up to their packages.

Find out how you can get a no credit check broadband deal with our guide.

What is no credit check broadband?

No credit check broadband is a home broadband service that doesn’t require a credit check to sign up. So if you’ve struggled financially in the past, or you’re concerned about your credit score, you won’t have any issues choosing one of these broadband deals.

Many broadband providers offer home internet deals without a credit check, some of which are very well-known too. Plusnet, NOW Broadband, BT and Virgin Media all offer packages for customers with a poor credit rating.

This means you can still get a broadband deal with a household name even if you’re worried about your credit history.

Should I look for broadband without a credit check?

If you don’t know whether you should be looking for no credit check broadband deals, you can check your own credit score online. Checking your credit score regularly won’t reduce it in any way, so you can look it up as often as you wish.

With the help of a credit agency like Experian, you could find out what your credit score is, and then get regular updates to see how it changes over time. You’ll also be given advice on how to improve it going forward.

For example, if you’re not sure what a ‘bad credit history’ really is, Experian has a handy guide to explain what different credit scores mean.

Although some broadband providers run credit checks on customers, they aren’t as strict as the checks you’ll experience for financial services, like loans or mortgages. They’ll instead be more similar to the checks you need for a new mobile phone or energy contract.

So even if you’re concerned about your own credit score, there may be alternatives to explore with those providers. However, if you’d prefer to just search for deals without a credit check, you will still have many options to choose from.

Which providers offer broadband for bad credit?

Some well-known providers offer no credit check internet deals. Here are our recommendations.

Plusnet no credit check broadband

BT-owned provider Plusnet doesn’t require a credit check for its broadband packages. It’s well-known for being a very customer-focused brand, with reasonable prices and great customer service.

Plusnet is highly regarded for both quality and care, winning both Broadband Provider of the Year and Best Provider Customer Service at the Uswitch Broadband & Mobile Awards 2021.

Compare broadband deals from Plusnet on Uswitch.

NOW Broadband deals with no credit check

NOW Broadband is another well-established broadband provider that lets you sign up without a credit check. Owned by Sky, it also gives you access to premium TV content from Sky for a small additional fee.

Its monthly prices are also a bit lower than many other providers for the same broadband speeds. So it can be a more affordable option for superfast fibre broadband than you’d find elsewhere.

Check out superfast fibre deals from NOW Broadband.

Direct Save Telecom broadband without a credit check

Watford-based broadband provider Direct Save Telecom also won’t carry out a credit check if you want to use its services.

Instead, it requires you have an active payment method on your bank account. This is simply the ability to pay with a direct debit or regular card payment on the account that you sign up with. It reassures the provider that you can commit to regular automated payments.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that when you first sign up, you will need to pay for the rest of the month from the date that you joined, and the next month’s full price, all in one upfront bill at the beginning.

Direct Save Telecom offers similar superfast fibre deals to both Plusnet and NOW Broadband for a 12-month fixed-term, or a ‘no contract’ monthly rolling plan for an increased monthly price.

Will other providers still accept me if I have bad credit?

Even though most providers run regular credit checks on customers, a bad credit score shouldn’t stop you from signing up.

Broadband credit checks are often just a formality, and providers that run them will still have ways to allow those with poor credit to access their service. It’s very rare that you’ll actually be denied because of your credit score.

For example, Virgin Media and BT sometimes accept customers with poor credit if they can pay a deposit for the service beforehand. This way, if they don’t receive a payment in the future, they can take the deposit money as payment instead.

TalkTalk has previously mentioned that for the very few people who do fail its credit check for broadband, it’s still willing to explore alternative agreements with the customer to ensure its service is paid for.

Other ways to get internet with no credit check

While most broadband services are provided via a fixed-term contract with monthly payments, there are types of broadband deals that don’t require such a strict financial commitment.

Pay-as-you-go mobile broadband

Some mobile network operators offer mobile internet dongles on a pay-as-you-go basis to help you get online. These do not come with a credit check, and you can make payments to top up your data allowance whenever it suits you.

Providers that offer pay-as-you-go mobile internet include:

Choose a rolling contract

Some broadband providers offer rolling 30-day contracts instead of one or two year fixed-term agreements. This eliminates a lot of risk and therefore means a credit check isn’t required.

When you’re searching for a broadband deal, be sure to find out if a provider you’re interested in offers its services on a monthly rolling contract. Just be aware that the short notice period means that monthly prices for these deals can be a lot higher than longer broadband contracts.

Broadband for low income households

There are also a number of broadband deals that are sold to households that receive Universal Credit or other forms of government financial assistance.

These are specific deals for families on a low income who may find it hard to meet the monthly payments of a broadband connection. With many other household bills to stay on top of, a discounted broadband deal can go a long way in getting the family connected.

To explore your options, take a look at our guide on broadband deals for low income families.

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