Meet our team of experts.

Dani Warner

Dani Warner

TV Expert

If there's anyone who knows the ins and outs of the best TV deals around, it's Dani. She recognises that everyone has their own unique taste when it comes to TV likes and dislikes and that every household will be looking for something different. Dani's passion lies in making sure consumers know about, find and get the best deal for the TV they love.

From TV packages to the latest series releases, Dani knows what consumers want to know when it comes to their TV.

Dani comments on areas of TV including:

  • TV shows and new releases
  • Best value TV packages
  • Consumer rights and advice

Ernest Doku

Ernest Doku

Technology and Mobiles Expert

Over a period of ten years, Ernest has developed his unabashed passion for gadgets into a desire to help consumers get the best possible deal. His unrivalled data insights enable him to help networks, retailers and manufacturers deliver market leading offers to consumers.

Ernest is constantly identifying key trends within the technology and mobile industry, allowing him to effectually comment on consumer relevant industry developments.

Ernest comments on areas of technology including:

  • Smart phones / handsets / gadgets
  • Network coverage / price rises
  • Regulation / complaints

Richard Neudegg

Richard Neudegg

Head of Regulation

Richard’s passion lies within ensuring the communications, energy and personal finance markets are competitive so that consumers are empowered to get the best possible deal. His expertise in consumer and market regulation with uSwitch is unrivalled, having extensive experience in the communications industry, including having previously worked for the sector’s regulator.

Richard is committed to ensuring informative and consistent updates are communicated to consumers so that they are kept aware of any changes within the industry that may have an impact on them.

Richard comments on areas of regulation and consumer issues including:

  • Regulation (Energy, broadband, financial services, mobiles)
  • CMA / Ofgem / FCA / Ofcom
  • Competition / remedies / consumer complaints

Rik Smith

Rik Smith

Energy Expert

Rik's knowledge of the energy market is second to none, having worked as an energy pricing manager within the industry before joining uSwitch. He cuts through the jargon so consumers can easily understand what they should be looking out for with smart meters, how energy infrastructure works, and what goes into making up our bills.

Rik is passionate about simplifying the energy market and helping people to make informed choice so they can get the best deals. He covers all areas of the retail energy market, including:

  • Tariffs and rates / price rises / suppliers
  • Energy infrastructure / smart meters
  • Wholesale prices / regulation / complaints

Ru Bhikha

Ru Bhikha

Mobiles Expert

Ru is a mobiles expert at uSwitch, helping consumers get the best deal possible. He is passionate about arming consumers with the insights and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about which handset or SIM deal will cater for all their mobile needs.

Ru comments on areas of mobiles including:

  • Smart phones
  • Customer service
  • Smart phone and SIM-only deals