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Meet our team of experts

Ernest Doku

Technology, Broadband and Mobiles Expert

Over the last decade, Ernest has developed his unabashed passion for gadgets into a desire to help consumers get the best possible deal. His unrivalled data insights enable him to help networks, retailers and manufacturers deliver market leading offers to consumers.

Ernest is constantly identifying key trends within the technology and mobile industry, allowing him to effectively comment on consumer relevant industry developments.

Ernest comments on areas of technology including:

  • Smart phones / handsets / gadgets

  • Network coverage / price rises

  • Regulation / complaints

His zealous attitude for all things tech has earned him the rights to be the one of the first to test the latest handsets. Ernest’s expert opinion has enabled him to secure interviews and comments in mainstream media with the likes of BBC, ITV, Huffington Post, TechRadar and many more. If Ernest isn’t indulging in the latest tech he is a Hypebeast and a self-confessed Fashion enthusiast with frequent deliveries to the office (shhh don’t tell).

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Richard Neudegg

Director of Regulation

Richard’s passion lies within ensuring the communications, energy and personal finance markets are competitive so that consumers are empowered to get the best possible deal. His expertise in consumer and market regulation with Uswitch is unrivalled, having extensive experience in the communications industry, including having previously worked for the sector’s regulator.

Richard is committed to ensuring informative and consistent updates are communicated to consumers so that they are kept aware of any changes within the industry that may have an impact on them.

Richard comments on areas of regulation and consumer issues including:

  • Regulation (Energy, broadband, financial services, mobiles)

  • CMA / Ofgem / FCA / Ofcom

  • Competition / remedies / consumer complaints

Outside the world of regulation and switching Richard is a keen cook and beginner gardener. Richard also is a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, taking it slightly too seriously when hosting viewing parties.


Ben Gallizzi

Energy Expert

When it comes to explaining the complexities of the energy market and helping customers and manage their energy use at home, Ben believes simplicity is key. He's well-versed in sorting through the information and tips that make a positive difference to customers' bills to make a tricky subject as accessible as possible.

Ben comments on the following energy topics:

  • Consumer energy usage

  • Energy savings tips

  • Utrack by Uswitch app

Away from energy, Ben enjoys heavy metal, Westerns and a decent bit of denim.

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Sabrina Hoque

Telecoms Expert

Sabrina knows how to find a good deal when it comes to broadband. She regularly talks with providers, and keeps her ear to ground when it comes to price changes.

She can comment on:

  • Finding the best broadband deals

  • The state of the broadband market

  • Price rises and how to dodge them

She is increasingly called on for her expertise by national and regional media, and specialises in negotiating commercial deals for Uswitch. When she is not digging through the latest broadband deals, trends and data, she can be found exploring galleries and museums, at the gym or cheering on Liverpool FC.

Elise Melville - spokesperson photo

Elise Melville

Energy Expert

Elise is passionate about demystifying the energy market and helping consumers find the best energy deals tailored to their needs. She loves building products which empower people to make the right decision, whether it be finding a great price, green energy tariff or tracking day-to-day energy usage, Elise is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for consumers.

Elise can comment on:

  • Energy saving household tips

  • Energy usage trends

  • Utrack by Uswitch

Outside of Uswitch, Elise loves to take on new fitness challenges, currently focusing on training for a half marathon. When she’s not out on a run, you’ll find her baking sweet treats and curling up with a good book.

William Owen

Energy Expert

Will is passionate about using data and insights to bring the best deals to consumers. On-hand to cut through the complexity of tariffs and energy suppliers, Will is on top of all the latest energy news and ready to give the best advice to consumers about how to manage their energy bills.

From price rises to renewable technology, Will’s knowledge and understanding of the energy industry makes him a trusted expert and commentator.

Will comments on areas of energy including

  • Large  / small suppliers

  • Energy tariffs, rates, and price rises

  • Wholesale prices

  • Regulatory changes and market landscape

Will has a passion for writing short stories and has a love of literature generally. He isn’t afraid of a challenge either, with over 120 recorded Scuba dives Will is a qualified rescue diver.

Max Beckett

Telecoms Expert

For the better part of a decade, Max has been a widely trusted source of advice for anyone looking to learn more about their broadband or mobile service. As a Senior Content Editor for Uswitch, he’s dedicated to helping customers navigate the ever-changing landscapes of telecoms and technology.

Max can comment on:

  • Latest telecoms industry news

  • Finding the right broadband or mobile deal

  • Providers, price rises and the basics of broadband

Outside of Uswitch, Max is an extreme music nut. You’ll often find him listening to the latest releases from all corners of the industry, and he publishes his favourite 50 albums of the year every December. His current genre obsession is Cape Jazz.

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Simrat Sharma

Mobiles Expert

Simrat has in-depth knowledge of the latest mobile products and the best way to make savings on your mobile bills. 

Simrat can comment on:

  • Mobile trends and consumer behaviour

  • eSIMs and the latest mobile consumer tech

  • How to save money and avoid mid-contract prices rises

  • The latest products and deals available

Simrat has an interest in all things technology and can often be found exploring the tech trends blogs. Outside of work, she fills her time with running, discovering every corner of London’s food scene and listening to podcasts.

Jack Arthur

Consumer and Business Energy Expert

Jack is the leading expert in business energy at Uswitch, helping businesses to navigate the complexities of the commercial energy market. He believes in bringing greater education to the sector and helping businesses to make confident energy decisions.

With a background in financial services and utilities, his career expands over several industries in both the UK and Europe. Jack is constantly attuned to market developments allowing him to effectively comment on relevant energy changes that affect UK customers.

Jack comments on areas of Consumer and Business Energy including:

  • Types of tariffs and rates

  • Suppliers and Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs)

  • Energy trends

  • Ofgem and Government support for businesses

Jack is a former international athlete having previously represented Team GB at Water Polo and Wales at the 2014 Commonwealth Championships.

Richard Dowden

Broadband Expert

Richard is a self-confessed tech geek, and has spent the last twelve years working in the telecoms sector.  He has strong knowledge of technical areas affecting broadband, and regularly comments on topical issues affecting the industry.

Richard can comment on:

  • Altnets (alternative networks) 

  • Wi-Fi and routers around the home 

  • Smart-homes

Outside of work he enjoys cycling and is currently renovating a property with his partner, where he’s installing all manner of smart-devices, as well as an absurdly fast internet connection.

Natalie Mathie

Energy Expert (On maternity leave until 2025)

Natalie has spent the past decade working on consumer-facing websites and apps, and is passionate about sharing advice and building products that help people with the day-to-day management of their homes. With a particular interest in the energy sector, Natalie and her team built Utrack by Uswitch, our energy-tracking app that connects to your smart meter to help you find ways to use less energy at home to save on your bills.

Natalie comments on the following topics/areas:

  • Utrack by Uswitch

  • Energy saving tips

  • Energy usage trends

When she's not mulling over ways to improve digital products, Natalie can be found baking sweet treats for her colleagues or walking her way around all of North London with her dog.