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Meet our team of experts

Richard Neudegg

Director of Regulation, Compliance and Policy

Richard’s passion lies within ensuring the communications, energy and personal finance markets are competitive so that consumers are empowered to get the best possible deal. His expertise in consumer and market regulation with Uswitch is unrivalled, having extensive experience in the communications industry, including having previously worked for the sector’s regulator.

Richard is committed to ensuring informative and consistent updates are communicated to consumers so that they are kept aware of any changes within the industry that may have an impact on them.

Richard comments on areas of regulation and consumer issues including:

  • Regulation (Energy, broadband, financial services, mobiles)

  • CMA / Ofgem / FCA / Ofcom

  • Competition / remedies / consumer complaints

Outside the world of regulation and switching Richard is a keen cook and beginner gardener. Richard also is a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, taking it slightly too seriously when hosting viewing parties.


Ernest Doku

Technology, Broadband and Mobiles Expert

Over the last decade, Ernest has developed his unabashed passion for gadgets into a desire to help consumers get the best possible deal. His unrivalled data insights enable him to help networks, retailers and manufacturers deliver market leading offers to consumers.

Ernest is constantly identifying key trends within the technology and mobile industry, allowing him to effectively comment on consumer relevant industry developments.

Ernest comments on areas of technology including:

  • Smart phones / handsets / gadgets

  • Network coverage / price rises

  • Regulation / complaints

His zealous attitude for all things tech has earned him the rights to be the one of the first to test the latest handsets. Ernest’s expert opinion has enabled him to secure interviews and comments in mainstream media with the likes of BBC, ITV, Huffington Post, TechRadar and many more. If Ernest isn’t indulging in the latest tech he is a Hypebeast and a self-confessed Fashion enthusiast with frequent deliveries to the office (shhh don’t tell).

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Ru Bhikha

Mobiles Expert

Ru is a mobiles expert at Uswitch, helping consumers get the best deal possible. He is passionate about arming consumers with the insights and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about which handset or SIM deal will cater for all their mobile needs.

Ru comments on areas of mobiles including:

  • Smart phones

  • Customer service

  • Smart phone and SIM-only deals

Ru doesn’t need much encouragement to share his opinion on anything from smart homes to drones. Cannot handle more than two cups of coffee. Owns more trainers than any man reasonably needs in an entire lifetime.

Catherine Hiley

Mobiles and Broadband Expert

Catherine spends her work days writing up the latest tech news, updating mobile guides, and playing with the newest handset launches. Her expert knowledge of the industry allows her to monitor new launches, trends and deals - the best of which are then communicated to our consumers. Catherine has an eye for collating the best tips and tricks to combat the market for the best deals.  

Catherine comments on areas of Mobiles and Tech Deals including:

  • Smartphones and Handsets

  • Apps and Accessories

  • Savings, tips and deals on broadband and mobiles

If she's not at her desk, you'll likely find Catherine listening to loud music, planning yet another trip to Disneyland or ranting about Saints FC's latest poor performance.

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Ben Gallizzi

Energy Expert

When it comes to explaining the complexities of the energy market and helping customers and manage their energy use at home, Ben believes simplicity is key. He's well-versed in sorting through the information and tips that make a positive difference to customers' bills to make a tricky subject as accessible as possible.

Ben comments on the following energy topics:

  • Consumer energy usage

  • Energy savings tips

  • Utrack by Uswitch app

Away from energy, Ben enjoys heavy metal, Westerns and a decent bit of denim.

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Nick Baker

Broadband and TV Expert

Nick is passionate about helping consumers share in his love of tech. He spends his day researching what’s available to them in terms of technology and online entertainment, as well as the best ways to get a great deal.

Nick comments on areas of broadband and TV including:

  • TV shows and new releases

  • Best value TV packages

  • Broadband

  • Streaming services

A self-confessed nerd, Nick loves all things geek, from gadgets to gaming to Game of Thrones. Never far away from his next next TV binging session, Nick keeps up to date with all the latest TV and film releases, and is the person to talk to if you want to know which show you simply must watch next.

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Ray Ali

Technology and Mobiles Expert

Working across the mobile and tech industry for over three years, Ray has developed an in-depth knowledge of the challenges consumers face and how best to overcome them.

He is also passionate about all things tech, whether that is the latest gadget or a new mobile innovation. At Uswitch Ray writes to empower consumers with the knowledge to help them make educated decisions to get a better deal or the right handset to match their needs.

Ray comments on areas of mobile and tech including:

  • Mobile handsets / Network coverage

  • Mobile packages / price rises and deals

A shameless iOS-lifer - he's your man if you want somebody to get you excited about a new iPhone. Away from the world of smartphones and tech, Ray is a pop-culture maven who enjoys cinema, books and football (in particular Arsenal).

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Sarah Broomfield

Energy Expert

With over six years experience within the energy sector, Sarah uses her knowledge to cut through the complexities of the retail energy market, equip consumers with the information they need to save money, and make the energy switching journey as simple as possible.

Sarah is continually analysing the latest developments so she can demystify a range of issues, including:

  • Tariffs and rates

  • Price rises

  • Suppliers

  • Smart meter

  • Wholesale prices

  • Consumer trends

Sarah’s energetic personality allows her to put her stamina to the test being a regular trail and half marathon runner. She loves hiking and plans holidays around conquering a mountain.