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  5. iPhone 8’s facial recognition will work when device is laid flat

iPhone 8’s facial recognition will work when device is laid flat

Users won’t need to pick up device in order to unlock.

The iPhone 8’s facial recognition scanner will work even when the device is laid flat on a table or desk, meaning users won’t need to pick up their phone in order to unlock it.

That’s according to developers who have been reliving deeper into Apple’s HomePod software, which has already revealed a string of secrets about the company’s new smartphone.

They say that references to ‘pearl’, the codename for the facial scanning tech, including code strings for accessibility when the device is ‘resting’.

Such a development would put the iPhone 8 way ahead of the game compared with rival smartphones. Constantly picking up a phone is a distraction many users have to deal with, but the ability to fire up the phone by simply looking at it, before completing tasks via Siri, is hugely appealing.

Last week it was revealed that Apple plans to bring a new Smart Cam feature, with scene modes, to the iPhone 8, as well as 4K video recording from its front–facing camera.

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 8 in September, with a release date expected later in the year.


Apple Insider

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