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Samsung is working on 2 more foldable phones

And they sound quite familiar…
Samsung Galaxy Fold Hero blue background

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold doesn’t go on sale for two months yet, but Samsung is already lining up its successors. The firm is reportedly working on two more foldable phones, and their designs sound a lot like its main rivals’ in the space.

According to a report, the South Korean giant is working on a vertically-folding phone with a clamshell-like design, and one that folds away from the user. These sound very familiar to the Motorola Razr reboot for 2019 and the Huawei Mate X, respectively.

The report adds that Samsung’s Razr-a-like will have a screen on the front of the phone, as well as the folding one inside. However, we’re sure Samsung will see how the external screen on its Galaxy X goes down before deciding to replicate it.

The Galaxy X’s external screen has been criticised for being too easily damaged.

Samsung’s Razr-style phone will reportedly launch “late this year or early next year”.

Its other folder works much like the Huawei Mate X – i.e. it has one screen spanning the front and back of the device, rather than separate external and internal displays.

Huawei Mate X screen unfolded hero size

It reportedly already exists as a prototype and will launch following Samsung’s second folding phone.

The Mate X upstaged the Galaxy Fold in almost every way when it was announced at Mobile World Congress a couple of weeks ago.

The design is slicker, with no gap between the two edges of the phone when closed, unlike the Galaxy Fold. Its screens are also bigger, and it’s around 6mm thinner when closed.

Though the Mate X will cost around £600 more than Samsung’s model. And considering these devices are very expensive to begin with (think around £2,000), that’s a lot of money.

The Galaxy Fold will go on sale on 3rd May, with pre-orders starting on 26th April. It features a 7.3-inch main screen, and a 4.6-incher on the front. As well more screen space for apps like maps, it’s also ideal for multitasking, letting you use three apps at once.



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