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  5. Mobile users turn to calming apps to fight lockdown stress

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Mobile users turn to calming apps to fight lockdown stress

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New research conducted by our very own experts here at Uswitch has revealed the apps that people have most used during lockdown, and those that people have turned away from.

As stress and anxiety levels have risen, people have been using apps to get more creative, stay healthy and even learn new skills during lockdown. Smartphone users who were surveyed as part of the research revealed that they had been using more apps for calming activities such as yoga, cooking and painting-by-numbers.

The Kindle and Audible apps saw an increase of 41%, which suggests people have been enjoying books and audiobooks more during lockdown.

Personal growth and wellness apps have also seen jump in downloads, with language learning apps such as Duolingo increasing by 29%, and meditation apps like Headspace and Calm going up by 34%.

As gyms have been forced to close their doors throughout the country, 35% of mobile phone users have instead turned to fitness apps such as Strava to help them stay active.

People missing dining at their favourite restaurants have turned to apps to get their food fix - searches for Deliveroo went up by 113% since the start of lockdown began.

Unsurprisingly, communication apps such as video-calling, messaging and social media topped the lockdown apps chart, where they are joined by entertainment streaming apps and interestingly, supermarket apps.

The popular video-calling app Zoom has seen the most interest during lockdown, with work meets, family chats and group quizzes leading to the app seeing a 78% increase in usage.

On the other end, the apps that have seen the biggest decreases in use are generally those that help with travel and getting around. Interest in Airbnb, the global accommodation booking app, has dropped by 72% since the lockdown prohibited travel, and airline apps are the apps that people have most been deleting from their phones altogether.

Rehan Ali, One of our mobiles experts here at Uswitch, said: “Lockdown has turned our routine on its head, affecting the way we work, socialise and the apps we use every day.

“Millions of us have turned to cooking, yoga or stimulating our creativity with paint-by-numbers apps.

“A lot of people seem to be using lockdown to learn new skills, with more mobile users on language-learning apps. Others are spending more time listening to audiobook apps and relaxing with meditation apps.

“There is an app out there that can help you with whatever your needs are in lockdown, but choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Browse the relevant app stores, compare what’s available, decide how much you’re willing to pay, and take the time to read up on reviews before taking the plunge.”

Looking for some app inspiration? Take a look at some of the best apps for staying entertained and connected during lockdown.

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