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Get the right credit card for your credit rating

Different credit card deals suit different people, and it can be hard to know which credit card is right for you

Whether you’ve got an excellent credit rating and want to make sure you get the credit card deal you deserve, or you want to reduce your chances of having your credit card application rejected, it makes sense to ensure you’re chasing the right credit card deal.

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It’s also important to apply for the right credit card for your credit rating, because when you apply for a credit card and the lender looks at your credit report, it makes an impression on your credit history.

If you apply and are rejected for lots of credit cards, it could harm your credit rating, so make sure that you can get a credit card before applying.

Here, we explain why it’s important to know your credit history, and suggest credit cards that are right for your credit profile.

You can also browse and compare credit cards for people with bad credit and limited credit histories.

Credits cards for strengthening your credit rating

If you are looking to strengthen your credit rating because you don’t have much of a borrowing history, or because you have had credit problems in the past, there are special credit card deals open to you.

If you’ve got a good credit rating, you’ll want to make sure you keep it that way. Look for a card that will make your monthly payments as affordable as possible.

Credit cards with a 0% introductory period on balance transfers will give you a break from interest and a chance to shrink your balance.

Credit card for your credit rating

Credit cards for different credit ratings

If you’ve got an excellent credit rating then some of the best credit card deals on the market will be open to you.

Shop around and find the credit card deal that’s right for your needs – you could go for a low rate APR card, or earn some money back with a cashback credit card.

If you have a bad credit rating, it can be hard to find a credit card but there are credit card deals open to you.

Credit cards for people with bad credit may come with a higher than usual APR, but they can help you to improve your credit rating in the long-term if you pay off what you have borrowed in full and on time each month.

CompanyPriceOther information Apply
30 day free trial
£14.99 a month
Freephone UK call-centre
Email & SMS alerts
30 day free trial
£7.99 a month
Three credit agency checks
Debt advice centre
Identity theft protection
£19.99 One off credit report check
No monthly subscription
30 day free trial
£7.99 a month
Unlimited credit report access
Alerts and tools
Support to improve credit rating
7 day free trial
£14.99 per month
Daily web monitoring
Instant identity notifications
Unlimited credit report access
30 day free trial
£14.95 a month
Weekly alerts
Customer support team

Check your credit report for free

Your credit report contains the information lenders see when they are deciding whether to lend to you or not. If you know what it contains, you will have a better idea of what type of credit card to apply for.

Particularly if you’ve been turned down for a credit card, checking your credit report is vital.

Look for any information you think is wrong or out of date – you can contact the relevant lender and explain your side of the story, but be prepared to provide proof.

You can also add explanations for any credit problems you’ve had in the past, with what’s called a ‘Notice of Correction’.

Get a credit card to suit your credit rating by comparing the market for credit cards on uSwitch.