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Travel credit cards

With the right credit card you can avoid sneaky overseas card charges while spending abroad, or earn airline reward points before you go. Compare the best travel credit cards that are useful for travel, holidays and frequent flyers. Additional results may be available with an eligibility check.

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What is a travel credit card?

  • Travel credit cards are for people who want the security of using a credit card when paying for goods and services abroad.

  • They are used instead of taking a lot of cash with you, which can be risky.

  • Making payments can also make it cheaper for you to spend money when you're travelling.

  • Travel credit cards will charge you less to spend money abroad than a standard credit card.

Airmiles credit cards are not travel credit cards, but can help you save money on your holidays in other ways.

What are the benefits of a travel card?

Travel credit cards can charge higher interest rates than standard credit cards, so may not offer you the cheapest credit card deal for spending in the UK.

But the best travel credit cards offer a number of benefits that can cut the cost of travelling.

Preferable exchange rates

Standard credit cards don’t typically offer a great exchange rate when you take out cash or pay for things outside the UK. Travel cards are designed for you to use abroad, so the exchange rate they offer is much better. Meaning more currency to spend.

Protected purchases

You have extra protection with Section 75, if you use a credit card. You're covered if you buy something at home or abroad costing over £100 and up to £30,000 with your credit card and the goods are faulty or aren’t delivered.

Learn more about Section 75


Taking a large wad of cash with you on holiday can be risky. Cash is more likely to be stolen and make you a victim of crime. Taking a small amount of cash is generally a good idea. But the rest of your travelling you can put on a travel credit card.

What is the best travel credit card to use abroad?

The best credit card for travel will depend on what features you want most. Shop around using credit card comparison sites to compare the best travel credit card deals.

Credit cards designed for travel are likely to offer you the best deals and value for money outside the UK. Look for travel credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees.

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Using your standard UK credit card when you're on a foreign holiday can be expensive. You'll usually have to pay around 3% on cash withdrawals and every time you buy things abroad.

Credit cards with no foreign transaction fees

Most credit and debit cards will charge you a fee for buying things or withdrawing cash outside the UK. This fee can be 3% or more every time you use the card. That is £6 for every £200 you spend. These fees can soon add up.

The best travel credit cards won’t charge you for taking out cash and making purchases overseas.

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Things to consider before applying for a travel credit card

Before you apply for a travel credit card think about:

How often you travel abroad

It will save you money when you spend money abroad. But if you don’t travel that much, racking up more debt on another credit card may not be a good idea.

Holiday checklist

Only use abroad

Travel credit cards offer the best credit card rates for spending abroad. But they probably won’t give you the best deals for spending in the UK.

Travel insurance

Pay in full

Travel credit cards won’t offer the best interest rate or the cheapest deal for long term debt. Try to pay off what you owe in full when you return from holiday. Otherwise, you will have to pay high interest charges.

Making an insurance claim

Top tip when using your credit card abroad

Don’t pay in pounds

When you use your credit card abroad, the waiter or shopkeeper will usually ask you if you want to pay in pounds - sterling - or local foreign currency.

To get the best exchange rate, always choose to pay in local currency.

Paying in local currency means your bank will do the foreign exchange conversion for you. Paying this way with a travel credit card will give you the best possible exchange rate.

Where you pay in pounds the seller will use their own bank to do the conversion. This will probably end up costing you a lot more.

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Check your eligibility for credit cards

  • 1Improve your chances of being accepted
  • 2It won't affect your credit score
  • 3It's quick, free and easy