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Joe McIndoe

Joe McIndoe

Mobiles Expert Contributor

About the Author

When not writing for Uswitch about the latest tech, you can find Joe enduring the highs and lows of Southampton Football Club, geeking out over all things Star Trek and rocking out to Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift.

Articles written by Joe

smartphone accessibility guide
13 February 2024

Smartphone accessibility: a comprehensive guide

Advice on how to use accessibility features on your smartphone to make life a little easier.

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woman smiling while using her phone and laptop in a cafe
11 January 2024

What is broadband and how does it work?

Want to know what broadband is? Here's your user guide to everything you need to know about broadband.

Read our guide to broadband
27 June 2023

Screen reader accessibility - everything you need to know

Smartphone accessibility continues to improve, and a core component is screen readers. Here's what you need to know.

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older woman using ipad accessibility zoom magnification
26 June 2023

Magnification and Zoom accessibility guide - everything you need to know

Read on to find out what Magnification and Zoom are, who they can help, and how you can get the best use out of these features.

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08 June 2023

Live Caption accessibility - everything you need to know

Here's how to enable live caption for videos you watch on your smartphone.

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09 March 2023

Samsung Galaxy S21 review

The standard model of Samsung's flagship series gets tested out.

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Woman holding iPhone x dark mode setting
09 February 2023

How to use Dark Mode

Bringing Dark Mode into the light, how to turn on your phone's dark mode settings and reduce the impact of your smartphone on your sleep and health.

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person using their smartphone outside
07 May 2021

Smartphone assistants guide - everything you need to know

How to use your phone without the need for physical buttons or complicated hand gestures.

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woman wearing a hearing aid using her smartphone
07 May 2021

Hearing accessibility guide - everything you need to know

If you have hearing loss, there are a number of smartphone features you can use to make your experience better.

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