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Commercial mortgages

Get quotes for a commercial mortgage from a broker. They can help you find the best deal for your circumstances.

What are commercial mortgages used for?

Unlike a residential mortgage, which is usually taken out on a property you intend to live in, a commercial mortgage lets you buy one or more properties either to use for your business or to rent out as an investment.

How do interest rates on commercial mortgages work?

Depending on your business, you could be offered quotes for interest only or repayment mortgages. Some lenders offer interest rolled up mortgages, which means you make no payments on the commercial mortgage until the end of the term.

Lending criteria tends to be stricter with commercial mortgages, meaning you'll usually need a higher deposit of at least 25%. If you have equity in another existing property you own, some lenders will allow you to use that as a deposit instead. You will then be able to get up to a 75% LTV loan secured against the property.

Why should I use a commercial mortgage broker?

Think Business can access deals across the whole of the UK market to find a commercial mortgage that's right for you and they will tailor their quotes to your individual circumstances.

Many brokers charge fees, but you can access Think Business for free.

How much can I borrow on a commercial mortgage?

You could borrow between £50,000 and £40 million on a commercial mortgage.

How do I pay back a commercial mortgage?

You will pay your commercial mortgage lender monthly over a term of between a month and 30 years. 

How much do commercial mortgages cost?

You won't pay anything until you decide to go ahead. Your broker will explain the full costs of each deal, including:


If you've taken out a domestic mortgage, you will already be familiar with the common fees associated with mortgages. The same fees are typically applied to commercial mortgages.

Different lenders vary in which fees they charge, from valuation to arrangement fees. The amount will either be a set fee, or dependent on how much you borrow.

Interest rates

The rates you're offered depend on how much you borrow and your company's finances.

Getting accepted for a commercial mortgage

There are a number of factors which may affect the chances of your mortgage application being accepted. Lenders will consider:

  • Your company's income, assets, and credit record

  • Your personal finances

  • Affordability based on your company's profits

If you plan to rent out the property, lenders may also look at the finances of your tenants.

Our broker will look at your business' finances to work out which lenders could offer you a mortgage.

Are commercial mortgages regulated?

No, unlike other mortgages, commercial mortgages are not regulated by the FCA.

What properties could I buy with a commercial mortgage?

You could get a commercial mortgage for a range of property types, including:

  • Shops and retail premises

  • Office buildings

  • Pubs and hotels

  • Commercial or residential buy to let investment properties

  • Warehouses and factories

  • Farms and land

  • Professional practices (e.g. solicitors' offices)

What types of company can get a commercial mortgage?

You can get a commercial mortgage in your own name or held by a:

  • Limited company

  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)


  • Trust

  • Offshore company

Find a commercial mortgage with free expert help