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Premier League deals new blow to illegal Kodi streams with new court ruling

Premier League deals new blow to illegal Kodi streams with new court ruling

The new Premier League season kicks off on 11th August, but a new court order will make life much tougher for anyone hoping to watch the matches illegally.

The High Court has awarded a blocking order which will compel UK internet service providers (like Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk etc.) to block illegal streams.

This is much more effective than tackling individual streams – as was previously the case – as it cuts off the pirated material at source.

Going after individual streams means many more will just pop up in their place.

The ruling is a renewal of the one awarded to the Premier League back in March. It aims to protect the exclusive live broadcast rights for which BT and Sky paid top dollar.

"This blocking order is a game-changer in our efforts to tackle the supply and use of illicit streams of our content," said Kevin Plumb, Premier League director of legal services.

"It will allow us to quickly and effectively block and disrupt the illegal broadcast of Premier League football via any means, including so-called 'pre-loaded Kodi boxes'.

"The protection of our copyright, and the investment made by our broadcast partners, is hugely important to the Premier League and the future health of English football."

Kodi boxes aren't illegal, but they're often used to access content illegally. So-called 'fully-loaded' boxes come all set up for doing so, meaning the user needs no technical knowledge to start watching illegally.

The authorities have started clamping down on the sale of such boxes recently.



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