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  • The New Game of Thrones spinoff announces its UK release date - 22 August 2022

The New Game of Thrones spinoff announces its UK release date - 22 August 2022

The new Game of Thrones spinoff will be coming to HBO Max in the US on 21 August, and Sky and NOW in the UK on 22 August 2022.
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It’s been years since a new series of Game of Thrones was on our screens. And while the last season didn’t live up to expectations, there’s no denying that the latest spinoff series, House of the Dragon, is creating a buzz.

HBO Max and NOW, Sky TV’s dedicated streaming service, both tweeted a single image of a dragon egg with the date the new show will premiere. In the US, that’s 21 August and in the UK it will be the day after (possibly at 3 am) the 22 August.

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House of the Dragon is based on Game of Thrones writer, George R.R. Martin’s 2019 book, Fire and Blood. The book focuses on the foundation of House Targaryen and begins with Aegon's Conquest when the very first members of the Targaryen family landed in Westeros. So it’s set some 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

House of the Dragon is said to focus on later generations of the Targaryen family, at a point when they have already established themselves as the ruling family of Westeros and the founders of the Seven Kingdoms.

Matt Smith is on board to play Daemon Targaryen and Emma D’Arcy will play Princess Rhaenyra. The central storyline will likely be a battle of succession between Rhaenyra and her half brothers, as both make their claim for the newly-forged Iron Throne.

HBO has wisely set the premiere date for House of the Dragon for August, a month before the release of the highly-anticipated Lord of the Rings series that’s coming to Amazon Prime. While fans are divided over their loyalty to Game of Thrones, the Lord of the Rings TV series seems to have the support of fans around the world.

Which will you be watching this summer?

You can watch House of the Dragon on Sky and NOW when it's released this summer.


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