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Netflix renews 13 Reasons Why for a third series

Netflix renews 13 Reasons Why for a third series

Netflix has renewed its controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why for a third series. The 13-episode run will start next year.

Filming will start later this year. However, it won't feature original star Katherine Langford, who recently confirmed she would be leaving the show after the second series.

The show has proved controversial, which is hardly surprising given its subject matter. It deals with teenage suicide, bullying, drunk driving and rape, all in graphic detail. Mental health experts have criticised the show for its treatment of its subject matter, suggesting it could prove risky for viewers with suicidal thoughts.

In response, Netflix added new title cards with advisory warnings. It also made a public service announcement video that autoplays before each episode.

The show has proved a ratings hit. According to Nielsen, the second series drew an average minute audience of 2.6 million in the US. The premiere episode drew 6 million viewers in three days.

Netflix announced the third series less than a month since the second series started.

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