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YouTube Premium adds French and German original shows

YouTube Premium adds French and German original shows

YouTube’s pay-for service YouTube Premium has added some new original shows from France and Germany. And one of them stars TV legend David Hasselhoff himself.

From France, Groom sees the son of a wealthy hotelier have to become a bellboy to reclaim his inheritance. It’s a fish out of water comedy, with family wars, romantic relationships and a lack of professionalism often meaning guests are the last priority.

Les Emmerdeurs is set in a Nazi-occupied French village in 1942. When four irresponsible teenagers discover they have superpowers and join the Resistance, they have to learn that with great power comes great responsibility.

From Germany, Neuland is a fictitious multi-format variety show which stars David Hasselhoff as a series regular competing with Phil Laude to become the show’s host. In true Hoff fashion, he’ll do anything to get his way.

LeFloid Vs The World sees outspoken YouTuber LeFloid take on all manner of controversial topics, while Bullspirit is a scripted comedy homage to a German movie classic, following BSTV’s frontmen as they become famous accidentally by publicly broadcasting their petrol station’s CCTV footage.

All of these shows are available now.

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