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Stranger Things season 3 will land in July

Stranger Things season 3 will land in July

The third series of Netflix’s paranormal sci-fi series Stranger Things will arrive on 4th July this year. That’s Independence Day in its native America.

Netflix made the announcement on New Year’s Eve. It also posted a slightly cryptic teaser for fans to chew over. Take a look.

The teaser takes the form of a New Year’s Eve news broadcast from 1985, which is the year the third series is set. This is repeatedly interrupted by broadcasts from a government agency containing nonsensical terms and phrases.

This is followed by upside down footage of fireworks exploding in the sky, and the phrase “One summer can change everything…”

What does it all mean? It’s anyone’s guess. But a concrete release date for series three will be catnip to fans who have had to wait longer than they did for series two.

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