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Arrested Development returns to Netflix next month

Arrested Development returns to Netflix next month

Series five of the sitcom Arrested Development will return to Netflix next month, almost a year after the first half aired.

The first eight episodes landed on Netflix on 29th March last year.

One possible reason for the delay is the inclusion of cast member Jeffrey Tambor. Tambor was dropped from his starring role in Amazon Prime Video’s Transparent after being accused of sexual harassment. There’s a chance Netflix was waiting for the controversy to die down before releasing the rest of series five.

The show originally aired on Fox from 2003-2006. While it was received well critically and won awards, it never scored high ratings, which led Fox to drop the show. Netflix picked it up for a fourth series in 2013, but the reaction was mixed.

It didn’t help that the show’s cast had since become considerably more well known, meaning their shooting schedules were hard to reconcile. Hence series four saw the characters pursue individual storylines isolated from the other cast members.

The second half of series five sees pressures mount on the Bluth family as Buster heads towards a murder trial. It also sees the family build a ‘smart’ border wall between Mexico and the US.

It comes to Netflix on 15th March.

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