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Watch the trailer for David Fincher’s Love, Death & Robots

Watch the trailer for David Fincher’s Love, Death & Robots

David Fincher and Deadpool director Tim Miller are teaming up for a new Netflix anthology series. And the trailer looks… pretty intense.

The description of Love, Death & Robots reads: “Sentient Dairy Products, Rogue Werewolf Soldiers, Robots Gone Wild, Sexy Cyborgs, Alien Spiders And Blood-thirsty Demons From Hell Converge In An 185-minute Genre Orgy Of Stories Not Suitable For The Mainstream…”

If you’re familiar with the previous work of Fincher (Fight Club) and Miller (Deadpool), you’ll know that they don’t exactly shy away from controversial material. Suffice to say, the trailer is very Not Safe For Work.

The anthology series is a collection of 18 short films made by animators and filmmakers around the world. Topics include racism, war, government, free will and human nature, spanning the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comedy.

Each short also has a unique animation style, inspired by the provocative comic books of the 1970s.

Love, Death & Robots will land on Netflix on 15th March.

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