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Mulan available exclusively on Disney Plus for just £19.99

Mulan available exclusively on Disney Plus for just £19.99

With cinemas locked up for months during the Covid-19 pandemic, the summer’s typical stream of blockbusters has all been pushed back indefinitely. While some major titles are still hoping for a theatrical release later in the year, Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan is finally giving in to the fans and will be released exclusively on Disney Plus on 4th September.

Many fans expected Disney to cave in sooner and release the big-budget movie to its streaming service during the height of lockdown when viewers needed entertainment the most. However, Disney, like most major movie studios, has resisted the move of its blockbusters to streaming since, despite its popularity, it is still far less profitable than a traditional theatrical release.

How much will Mulan cost to rent on Disney Plus?

Initial rumours put the price of renting Mulan at around £30 which, in addition to the monthly cost of £5.99, may have put many fans off the idea of spending that much to watch one movie.

However, it was recently confirmed that Mulan will cost just £19.99 to rent for the lifetime of your Disney Plus subscription, making it a much more affordable option and a decent alternative to heading to the cinema.

How can I watch Mulan on Disney Plus?

Mulan streaming on Disney Plus Premier Access

Mulan will be available via Disney Plus Premier Access, which is what Disney is calling the one-off cost of accessing Mulan, as it’s technically neither a purchase nor a traditional rental. Disney Plus subscribers who pay the one-off £19.99 fee will be able to watch Mulan as many times as they like as long as they have an active Disney Plus account. This means that if, for whatever reason, you choose to unsubscribe to Disney Plus, Mulan will still be available for you to watch if and when you re-subscribe.

You can get Premier Access to Mulan for a single additional fee paid either directly on or via in-app billing on selected platforms such as Apple, Google, Roku and Sky TV. Sky TV subscribers who choose to get Premier Access to Mulan can then watch it through all their Sky-connected devices, including on Sky Q.

When will Mulan be released on Disney Plus?

Mulan will be released on Disney Plus on 4th September, available through Disney Premier Access.

What streaming service should I get?

There are so many streaming services to choose from these days that it can be hard to know which ones you should subscribe to. Which platforms have the most content, or more accurately, the most content you want to watch? Disney Plus has a back catalogue that spans decades, but how often do you sit down to watch a Disney movie?

If you need help choosing which streaming services to subscribe to, check out our TV streaming guide and use our streaming quiz to help you decide.

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