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The best 4K movies to watch on Sky, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus

The best 4K movies to watch on Sky, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus

If you paid out for a top notch TV, then you’ll want to make use of every pixel you’ve got. Here are some of the best 4K movies to watch on your fancy 4K TV.

The best 4K movies

Remember, in order to watch 4K TV, you’ll also need a subscription that delivers 4K or UHD content. This means upgrading your Netflix account to a Premium subscription (currently £13.99 a month) or adding Ultra HD to your Sky account, which starts at an extra £4 a month.

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4K Disney movies - Soul

Pixar has a great reputation for creating eye-popping scenes full of stunning colours, intricate details and adorable characters. And Soul is no exception. Starring Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardnet, a struggling musician and band teacher in New York, Soul follows Joe’s journey into The Great Before.

This funny and moving story is full of beautifully animated characters and incredible scenes of the universe and the after life. In addition to the brilliant 4K resolution, there’s also some great banter between Joe and 22, voiced by Tina Fey.

Other Disney movies that are great to watch in 4K include Moana, Big Hero Six, and the new live-action Mulan.

Watch Soul on Disney Plus.

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4K Star Wars movies

While the original movies and the prequels have all been digitally remastered since their initial release, you’ll really only see the true glory of 4K when watching the latest Star Wars movies, from The Force Awakens through to The Rise of Skywalker.

While any of the new Star Wars movies would look amazing in 4K, the second entry in the latest batch of films set in a galaxy far far away provides some particularly impressive visual effects that look amazing in 4K. Though the response to the film itself was somewhat divided, there’s no denying that The Last Jedi will put your 4K TV to good use.

Also, don’t forget to re-watch the one-shot titles like Solo and Rogue One, both of which have emotionally-charged final scenes that look epic in 4K.

You can watch Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker on Disney Plus.

4K Marvel movies - Avengers: Infinity War

The visual effects are pretty mind-boggling in most Marvel movies, but Avengers: Infinity War took it to another level, opening the very first scene in space, filled with huge CGI spaceships, fights and explosions. The film only gets bigger and bigger throughout its two-hour and 40-minute run time. And the dramatic final fight scene in 4K is a Marvel moment not to be missed.

Another Marvel film that lends itself really well to 4K is Black Panther, which mixes futuristic scenes filled with sci-fi level technology with wide shots of the beautiful scenery of Wakanda.

Watch all the Marvel movies on Disney Plus.

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4K war movies - 1917

Movies set during World War I & II are always intense, but when you watch in 4K, you’re left feeling like you lived through the battles yourself. And, while there have been plenty of films set during this period, Sam Mendes’ First World War epic seems made for 4K.

The masterpiece is edited to appear as a single, action-packed, nail-bitingly stressful single shot. Following two young British soldiers as they attempt to cross enemy lines to deliver a vital message that could save hundreds of lives, you’ll feel like you’re making the journey with them when watching in 4K.

Another war movie that looks breathtaking in 4K is Dunkirk, which has incredible action sequences and impressive camera work.

Both of these films are available on Amazon Prime Video.

4K sci-fi movies - Blade Runner 2049

Sci-fi movies usually look a lot better in 4K, with elaborate sets and cutting-edge special effects at the very heart of the genre. The sequel to Ridley Scott’s cyberpunk classic actually manages to outdo its predecessor, with some of the most beautiful and visually stylistic films you’ll ever see. Director Denis Villeneuve and Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins really did create the perfect 4K movies with Blade Runner 2049.

If Blade Runner 2049 isn’t on your watch list, there are plenty of other sci-fi movies that look amazing when watched in 4K. This includes Avatar, Oblivion, Interstellar, Ready Player One, Tenant, and even the run of Star Trek movies.

Watch Blade Runner 2049 on Amazon Prime Video.

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