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This Samsung Smart Monitor is the ultimate work-from-home device

This Samsung Smart Monitor is the ultimate work-from-home device

If the last twelve months have taught us anything, it's that a lot more can be done at home than we all initially thought.

In a future where taking a 'work from home day' will become the norm, or where children's school lessons may go virtual for snow days, it'll become even more important to make sure you have the right equipment with you for remote working.

One way Samsung aims to tackle this new normal is with the Smart Monitor, which it released in late 2020. It's much more than just a computer display — it's an internet-connected, all-in-one media centre designed for working, learning and relaxing at home.

Just like a Smart TV, it connects to your home Wi-Fi to let you use a range of apps without the need to plug a computer or TV set top box in. So unlike normal monitors, you'll be able to access streaming services, online learning tools, games and much more directly on the monitor.

It comes in two models — the 'standard' M5 at either 27 or 32 inches, and the more premium M7 at just 32 inches. Read on to see what you could do with the Samsung Smart Monitor.

samsung m7 smart monitor

Working from home

The Samsung Smart Monitor offers a range of features for upgrading your work-from-home setup. These include:

  • Remote access to Microsoft Office 365 — create presentations, write documents and send emails all without needing your work computer
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your keyboard and mouse
  • Adaptive Picture that changes throughout the day to prevent eye strain
  • Charging your computer when you plug it into the USB-C display port (only available on M7 model)

samsung smart monitor entertainment

Online learning and home schooling

Since schools were forced to shut for months on end as a result of the pandemic, the availability of virtual learning resources has increased significantly.

We're now likely to see online educational tools and video-call classes have much more prominence in children's schooling, especially for situations where schools have to shut such as snow days or maintenance works.

The Samsung Smart Monitor would be a great device for children's learning from home or a full-time student's uni dorm TV. From Wireless DeX, which lets you cast your smartphone's screen to the monitor's display, to the range of educational apps you can download onto it from Samsung's digital store, this monitor has the capability to be a great interactive learning tool.

samsung smart monitor 2

Streaming & entertainment

With most mainstream streaming services either inbuilt or available to download, the Samsung Smart Monitor does away with the need for a streaming stick.

You can watch all of your favourite movies and TV shows directly on the internet-connected monitor, which is perfect if you want to watch content in another room or if you don't have a Smart TV. The M5 model offers Full HD picture quality and the M7 boasts an immaculate 4K HDR10 display.

You'll be able to watch content from the most popular services and apps, including all the favourites:

  • Netflix
  • Disney Plus
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV
  • YouTube
  • TikTok (yes - a dedicated desktop TikTok app!)

If you're expecting to spend some time working and learning from home for the forseeable future, you couldn't go wrong with a monitor that has the future in mind.

The Samsung M5 Smart Monitor currently costs £229.00 for the 27" model and £279.00 for the 32".

The Samsung M7 Smart Monitor 32" is available for £399.00.

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