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A look inside Uswitch’s Broadband Provider of the Year: Plusnet

A look inside Uswitch’s Broadband Provider of the Year: Plusnet

In partnership with Plusnet

Plusnet has been named the big winner at this year’s Uswitch Broadband and Mobiles Awards, taking home the awards for Best Provider Customer Service, Best Value Broadband Provider, Most Popular Broadband Provider and the all-important Broadband Provider of the Year.

During the last year, broadband has become more important than ever, acting as a lifeline to keep millions of us connected to friends, family, our work and our studies. Sam Calvert, Marketing Director of Plusnet, highlighted just how significantly internet-usage has changed since the first lockdown began.

Sam Calvert Marketing Director Plusnet

“We've seen a big change in network demand during lockdown, which demonstrates how people have been relying on their internet service providers more than ever.

“When the lockdown came into effect in mid-March, we saw an increase in demand during the daytime, with more people working from home which continued to increase as more shops and workplaces closed.

“With people working from home, we saw an increase in business-related traffic, but also an increase in gaming and streaming as people were furloughed and schools were closed. We saw big drives in traffic during particular game updates such as Call of Duty and Fortnite.”

Lockdown measures put a strain on UK broadband providers as well as customers, limiting the number of people able to work in customer service call centres and putting a halt to almost all engineer visits for both broadband installations and repairs.

Calvert said, “The pandemic forced a lot of businesses to adapt their offering in order to service their customers better. Plusnet was no different.

“Firstly, we worked to do as much as we could to keep our customers connected and our people safe. That’s why we arranged for staff who requested to work from home, the equipment they needed to do so, which meant that 75% of our contact centre staff were working from home in April last year. This meant we could keep our staff safe while providing award-winning customer service without too much disruption.

“Secondly, with the realisation that #StayAtHome would be around for a while, we made the choice to lift broadband caps on our packages so that everyone could work and learn from home at no extra cost.

“2020 has taught us that customers are relying on a stable connection more than ever before, in fact when lockdown came into effect last March, we saw an increase in demand during the day time with more people working from home which continued to increase as more shops and workplaces closed their doors.

“This has reaffirmed our mission to provide reliable products that just work.”

With so many broadband providers available, choosing between which one to go for can be overwhelming, with comprehensive bundles on one end, and simple, low-cost broadband services on the other. Known for its affordability and fantastic customer service, the Yorkshire-based broadband provider aims to keep things simple and keep its customers happy.

Calvert added, “We think there’s an increasing appetite for simplicity in a sometimes complicated, jargon-filled broadband market - which is why we stick to simple products that just work and friendly customer service based in Yorkshire.

“We understand that when something goes wrong, customers want to speak to a human being. That’s why we pride ourselves in having UK-based call centre staff who are always happy to help.

“To sum it up, we believe customers love us because we offer straight-forward, simple products without skimping on customer service – all at an affordable price. That’ll Do!”

While 2020 was undoubtedly a difficult year, 2021 is hopefully going to be a bit brighter. We’ll all have to, once again, adjust to a new way of life. Whether we return to work or school or continue working from home, access to a reliable internet service will remain crucial in 2021.

Calvert said, “2021 is going to be a big year for Plusnet - we are continuing to simplify our product range so we can invest in developments to improve our reliability - such as a new wireless router, and the launch of full fibre (FTTP). We’re also continuing to simplify our website and apps so customers can make the most of these digital channels.

“Most importantly, we’re making sure our customers are happy by continuing to deliver award-winning customer service when they need us most.”

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