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Home contents insurance with mobile phone cover

Smartphones are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. We have become more reliant on them for our everyday use, to pay our bills, run our businesses, and even open our doors. With some worth upwards of £1,500, it makes sense to protect your phone from loss, theft, or damage
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Home contents insurance with mobile phone cover

Home contents insurance with mobile phone cover

Compare home insurance policies that provide cover for your mobile phone. Find out if you need to upgrade your home contents policy to cover loss or damage to your smartphone.

Do I need mobile phone cover with my home contents insurance policy?

As we rely on our mobile phones to run our personal lives and our work lives, pay our bills and keep in contact with friends and family. They have become an essential item.

With some premium mobile phones worth close to £2,000, it makes sense to protect your phone from loss, theft, or damage.

You could consider getting mobile phone insurance through a specialist gadget insurance policy, but if you have home insurance, you might be covered already, or you might be able to add the protection you need to your home policy for a small charge. 

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Are mobile phones covered by home insurance?

If you already have or are considering taking out a home contents insurance policy, your phone may already be covered as part of this.

However, there are some limitations to standard contents insurance that means you might want to upgrade your policy to adequately cover your mobile phone or other gadgets.

Standard contents policies will cover your mobile phone the same as any other item in the home. You will be covered for loss or theft of your mobile phone in the home (for example if it is stolen during a break-in) as well as if it is damaged in a fire, flood, escape of water, etc.

However, many home contents insurance policies have a single item limit, which means that unless you specify your phone as a high-risk item, your payout might be limited to between £500 and £1,000. The details differ with different providers, but if you have a valuable phone it is worth checking the small print.

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If you want mobile phone insurance against everyday risks inside or outside the home, you might want to ensure your contents insurance policy includes the following features:

Will my mobile phone be covered for accidental damage cover?

If you want your phone to be covered for accidental damage in the home, you will need to ensure your home contents policy includes accidental damage cover. This will pay out for accidents to your phone, anything from dropping it and breaking it, to putting it in the washing machine (or down the loo!)

While an item in your home such as a fridge may stay safely in the one place at all time and therefore be less prone to damage, a mobile phone travels wherever you are and is constantly being pulled in and out of pockets or passed around - it's far more likely to be damaged.

If your contents insurance policy does not include accidental damage cover, you will only be able to claim for damage caused as a result of damage in the home, such as a fire or flood.

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Will my mobile phone be covered if I lose it while I am away from home?

If you want mobile phone insurance to cover your phone wherever it goes, you will need to add all-risk personal possessions cover to your home insurance policy.

If you have home contents insurance you will be covered if your phone is damaged in a fire in the home or taken by a burglar. But unless you’re especially vigilant of your phone while you’re out and about, it’s more likely to meet its end while it’s outside your home — whether it gets lost, stolen, or dropped.

Away from home cover is also known as all risks insurance. It covers items outside the home, including mobile phones and gadgets, as well as other items that regularly leave the home such as, jewellery, wallets and bicycles.

Some insurers offer up to £5,000 in total for cover away from home, but you may have to specify a single risk item of high value when you are buying or renewing your home insurance.

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What mobile phone cover is not included in my home insurance policy?

If you want to cover your mobile phone to be insured outside the home, you’ll need to list it as a ‘specified item’ in your home insurance application or comparison. If you upgrade to the latest model phone check that your insurer will both cover this specific model, and that they are aware you have a new model. Otherwise, the new phone may not be covered.

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See a range of home insurance quotes in just a few minutes when you compare with Uswitch

What are the hidden costs of claiming for my mobile phone on my home insurance policy?

Although insuring your mobile phone on your contents insurance is a great option for many, there are some limitations and alternatives you may want to consider.

Excess: To make any claim on your home contents insurance, you’ll have to pay the excess you agreed with your insurer. You will have to pay the full excess on your policy — even if the only item you’re claiming for is your mobile phone. If you have an older phone and your excess is £500 or more, it may not be worth making a claim.

However, if your mobile is worth more than £1,000, or you have opted for a lower overall excess, then it may be worth claiming on your home insurance.

Renewal premiums: You should also be aware that claiming for your mobile phone on your contents insurance could result in your contents insurance premium increasing when it comes to renewal time.

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Single item limits: If you’re planning to insure an expensive smartphone or other gadgets under your home insurance policy, you should also check whether any single article limits apply. 

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