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accidental damage

Accidental damage home insurance cover

Accidental damage home insurance cover is designed to insure and replace your possessions against accidental damage caused by unintended mishaps, such as spillages and breakages in the home.

Find out about additional accidental damage cover and what household items it typically covers and excludes.

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Usually sold as an optional extra on standard home insurance policies, accidental damage normally refers to a one-off incident that harms either your property or its contents – general wear and tear isn’t covered.

Read on to see which types of accidents are covered and which aren’t.

Accidental damage – what’s covered and excluded?

If you’ve accidentally dropped and broken your stereo or desktop computer, this would normally be covered – you wouldn’t be able to claim if it simply stopped working.

While windows and other broken electrical items tend to be covered automatically by home contents insurance, your policy can be extended to include things like wine spillages on curtains and sofas, or felt-tip marks on walls.

According to Zurich Insurance, bad DIY work is one of the biggest causes of accidental damage. Common mistakes, such as hammering a nail into a water pipe, are covered – skilled work that should be done by a fully-trained plumber or electrician isn’t.

Portable items like laptops are often not included – check with your insurer if you’re unsure.

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Additional contents cover

If you regularly take valuable items out of the house, you may want to consider a policy where optional ‘away from home’ cover can be added.

Some policies include this as a standard feature for particular items – check the small print when comparing quotes for contents insurance.

There are also different types of contents cover. With ‘new-for-old’ cover, the insurer pays the full cost of repairing or replacing the broken item.

While it can be cheaper, indemnity cover only looks at the item’s used value, making deductions for wear and tear before paying out.

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