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HMD Global launches in the UK

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There’s a new network in town and it’s called HMD Global.

HMD is the company behind Nokia, and now it’s launched a new network to partner with Nokia smartphones - HMD Global.

Running off EE’s network, HMD Global is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that gives consumers who buy a new smartphone from Nokia.com the option to immediately pair it with a monthly tariff. These tariffs include an amount of data as well as unlimited calls and texts.

Some of the price plans offered at launch include £15 a month for 10GB data, £18 a month for 15GB and £25 for 25GB. More price plans are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

These plans don’t come with a minimum length, so you’re free to cancel at any time. Nokia believes HMD Global’s ‘one stop shop’ is the ideal solution for Nokia customers who want a convenient way of getting a new smartphone and a data deal in one easy online purchase.

Since HMD Global will be on EE’s network, it will benefit from having the country’s widest 4G coverage, and HMD Global has stated that 5G coverage is in the plan for the future.

For even more consumer convenience, HMD Global is also launching its very own app. Customers can download the app to their phones and use it to manage their account, see how much data they have left, make payments, upgrade price plans and get in touch with customer support.

HMD Global has launched at the same time as the new Nokia X20 and Nokia G10 mobile phones as well as a revamped Nokia website, so it’s an exciting time for the company and its fans.

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert here at Uswitch, said: “There is a generation of phone users who will always have a place in their heart for Nokia devices, which were the first handset for everyone of a certain age.

“The launch of this virtual network lets Nokia fans get their device and connection from the same place, which makes customer services a lot easier to deal with if there’s a problem. The experience is entirely online, which plays into the increased demand for better digital services brought about by lockdown.

“Users of HMD Mobile will get a connection powered by EE’s network, one of the fastest and most reliable on offer.

“Consumers may find long-term contracts too pricey, but those who like to buy Nokia devices outright could enjoy the benefits of pairing it with a HMD Mobile SIM-only deal.

“With an affordable mid-market price range, those tempted by simplistic account management plans and with an affection towards Nokia’s heritage could find this a great package.”

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